Look at my NES controller

NES controller

This is my NES controller. I just bought it at a store here where I live in Denver, CO. It does not have an NES deck to connect to. It is a prop in YouTube videos that I am making.


I just finished one! Would you like to watch my video?

One thought on “Look at my NES controller”

  1. The levels of humor in this are amazing. The controller being detatched but used as a side prop for the humor: beautiful. And the video was thoroughly engaging. I liked how it had multi-level interest.

    The hand fart song was epic. I love how you had like four different parts and they were all playing together for a song. WHO DOES THAT? It’s pretty epic. You done that!

    And all the captions on top of it. This is seriously well-put-together. Props to you.

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