Anyone else notice this?

After making an astonishing discovery digging through the content of the game Tacoma, I’m hooked on the “easter egg” hunt, and I think I’ve found some more! And I didn’t even have to look any further than Tacoma’s very own Vicci Martinez! Watch her music video for “Stay Awake” very carefully:

If you are any fan of Vicci Martinez, you know her Live DVD literally tells you it features “easter eggs” on the back of the DVD case. So, if you want to find them for yourself, don’t read any further and have another look from the source!


In the DVD, you can watch a song she messed up on that is not accessible via the DVD menu by accessing the player’s hierarchy system and selecting the secret chapter: Chapter 5 of Title 3. I just love it when artists put secrets in their work for you to discover, but the thing is you gotta be looking for them (like in the game Tacoma, as well as in my Dragon Warrior tribute previs! Hey, I can self-promote if I want to).

Back to the Stay Awake music video: I am seeing in the film direction what appears to be a foreshadowing toward the end. Like, wouldn’t you want to know what happens next? Where did the girl disappear to without her luggage? Where are his dancing legs carrying him away to? Can we find out for ourselves? Who’s with me on this? Anybody?

Look at this: these two

Here is the first time we see the dancer:

He seems to be on the move...

Do you know where in Tacoma this dancer is? If you love Tacoma as much as I do, then any time a location is featured in an art video you’ll want to pinpoint exactly where it is to, you know, gawk and whatnot.

How about the girl?  

Now where could this be?

If you are listening to the lyrics, “we break up to make up”. I’m going to guess these two are coming rather than going. They are, after all, facing each other.

Look at this: the map of Tacoma

Figure out where they are yet? No? Okay, I’ll give you another minute. Here’s a tip: use Google Maps/Earth and scroll around. That’s what I did. Ready now? Okay.

Looks familiar...


Yup, definitely the East 11th Street Bridge
I still love MS Paint

If you look at the map and imagine they keep going along the street they’re on, where would their paths cross in Tacoma? Aha, so they’d meet at South 12th and Pearl. Why there? Maybe have an early morning picnic while they make up in Minniti field? Or maybe they’re students at Tacoma Community College!

Is that all there is to it? Is there anything more to discover within this body of work having to do with this location on the map? What about the cover artwork for the digital album release that features the song “Stay Awake”?

Look at this: the album artwork

It’s clear by this artwork that VM identifies with her roots in Tacoma. I know the sentiment, but was there any particular reason this spot in Tacoma was chosen (other than the obvious presence of the Old City Hall building)? Let’s take a look!

It seems that if you draw a straight line from where they meet on 12th and Pearl to where the dancer first appears in the video, it passes right through the middle of the photo! So what does this line have to do with VM identifying with Tacoma? Follow the line…


Bluebeard coffee?


Notice how the photographer is positioned? Yup, facing the direction of the line.

So could there have been any thought put into where on East 11th Street to take the album photo of Tacoma? Here’s an idea:

The girl at the ferry dock looks to Mt. Rainier?


If you draw a line from the ferry terminal to the peak of Mt. Rainier, the photo could have been taken by the dancer on E 11th St right near the spot his path crosses this line.

So there you have it. Was I reaching here? Or was this an intentionally made rabbit hole to go down, left for you to discover by an artist who pays attention to every little detail and wants you to do the same? Could Steve and Karla have spotted this and took inspiration from it, leading them to embed their own special tribute to her in their game, hidden in plain sight?