Time for me to get a job

The time is nigh and my little sabbatical since April is coming to a close. The signs are manifest. Money is dwindling in my bank account and I’m running out of classic games to sell on eBay. There is a large cherry tree in my parents’ backyard with all but a few yellowed leaves fallen. Yup, that’s the universe again, talking through metaphor.

Something tells me that I won’t be needing to apply for that job in the health food store deli, stocking the buffet with my expertise in that area of food service. As much as I enjoy having a such a humble occupation and existence, I’m feeling increasingly inspired for something that capitalizes on my other potentialities.

As a newly self-identified “Stirlingite”, or fan of Lindsey Stirling’s YouTube channel, and seeing what I saw on the finals of Dancing With The Stars (did that freestyle with the violin really happen?!), I say to myself, Gosh, look at that. Total redemption and victory on so many levels! They once told her “no”, yet she did it anyway, and achieved perfection. And at the astonishment of even the hosts!

Seeing this story play out has been very inspiring. What can I learn from this that can be put into action in my own life? I have already mastered the occupation of the vegan sous chef. What avenues are there from which I can pursue with others that continues to develop my creative potential? What does that next step entail?

In my previous job stints, I have usually assumed the role of the “expert assistant”, as my previous employer called me. In my favorite books by Austin Kleon, Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work!, his advice is to “stand next to the talent in the room.” If there was a dream job, it would be standing next to Lindsey to watch what she does and do what she tells me to do. Heck, I’d even move to LA and drive the tour bus!

It’s too bad those Seattle L.S. tickets for Dec. 16 went so fast! I’d go there and hand her a resume. I guess one can only dream at this point, but sometimes the universe opens the door.

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