Anybody out there? ​

I’m happy to say that this blog has reached the height of its intended purpose. All the dots are connected, the arguments put forth, and sealed with the stamp of a link to Nassim Haramein’s “The Connected Universe” film to tie it all together. I’ve learned a thing or two about how the magic works, and I know that when it’s the right time, people will find it. It’s here, but are they even looking?

Now I’m scratching my head and asking, “where is everybody?”

Surely if I were really on to something here, and all this content I’ve shared thus far was not just a mystical wild goose chase into the imagination spanning ten plus years, then something would materialize.

But it’s eerily silent.

Even in my own circle of friends and family, nobody has yet said to me, “I read your blog. Neat content! What a wonder it is! How interesting! This evidence of a connected universe needs to be spread to others!” Not a word. Not from wanderers reading my posts on Twitter or Instagram who followed the links here, either. And life just goes on in The Matrix.

Self-promotion is not really my thing, but something brought me this far along this path, and I aim to find out where it’s all going. If this is going to lead me into some kind of ascendance in the public arena to raise awareness of the wider spectrum of reality not being told to you by the establishment, then it’s going to begin with a spark of interest from a few within my own microcosm and on to a bigger stage from there. This blog’s content is invariably going to get some resistance because it bridges the gap between religion and science while tearing down old and outmoded walls of thinking. That’ll leave anyone perturbed and vulnerable, but don’t we want the truth?

Microcosm to macrocosm

I have identified a few figures that I’ve got my eyes on who should be able to pierce the veil and see that the only thing standing between them and a unified vision of everything with a self-existing God in the center who is conscious of His creation is the veil of their own imaginings. If they aren’t looking at this blog by now, they probably soon will.

C. W. Chanter seems to have made a “response” to my post with his “Black Magick of Social Media” series on his YouTube channel, but on his September 21st broadcast his frustrations at the nonsense of the claimants in the metaphysical/disclosure community had boiled over. He even mentioned he’s gonna have a heart attack! (I honestly can’t be sure if he read my Rnot-Anon posts before livestreaming the series. What if he has no idea I called it and then he discovers my post, dated days before his first B.M.S.M video and freaks out?!) I won’t be responsible if he loses his shit from learning about this foresight, claiming black magic[k] because of his idols of satanic fancy! It’s all connected, and that’s the way it goes, baby!

And there’s Jordan Sather with his Trump and QAnon support which are his hopes and dreams of something indicating a divine plan, which is fine and probably a good thing. Given the preaching he does for Ascension and removing the shackles that bind, he would be the ideal mind to understand that there is another answer to cosmic consciousness other than an Infinite Creator who created itself by impossible means by an imperfect Identity that can’t know an apple from the infinite possibilities in its unfractalized state because that knowledge was uncreated. Not to mention that in that Identity state it is not all-powerful, either, because it couldn’t know creation without fractalizing first (and where did it get the power to do that?). Cosmic consciousness is real, but Source is limited and powerless? And this is the only rational conclusion? (I’m not criticizing if I’m stating a logical fallacy! A creator is always above his creation— never on the same level. Otherwise we humans could create a universe within this one along with artificial human souls in it that are our equals. Not possible. The surrounded cannot encompass that which surrounds it, the imperfect artist can’t create a perfect masterpiece.)

And where is David? Good grief. There is no excuse for you guys to be this uninformed when you have the all the knowledge and discernment in your pockets thanks to this age of Internet and smartphones! “The Age of Authenticity” indeed!

This world, I tell ya!

When I contemplate the world I live in on the inside and look at the world around me, I need to find reconciliation because the two are night and day, I tell ya!

I have reservations about dealing with the world we live in beyond a basic existence, especially when we have veered way off course as a civilization as we have. The mystic path is for me until the world gets on the true path of spiritual and material progress. There are times I just feel like I’ve given up the ghost and pray for the good Lord to take me up. Though that likely won’t happen (unless I’m the “favored damsel” foretold by Baha’u’llah in the Tablet of the Holy Mariner, in which case I’d be a big test for the faithful, but hell – I’d take anything at this point to see humanity move past these roadblocks!).

So now that I’m at my wits end here with nothing to lose, why not take a few chances and risk some good old fashioned rejection and humiliation? I’d take that, too.

Maybe I should just straight up ask Dia Frampton if she knows something?

Well, if you really ARE reading this and you know what it would mean, then maybe this can be a kick in the pants?

I’d love to just send out that Tweet, get an answer or non-answer and be done with this perplexity so I can leave it all behind. Then I can go back to my slumber with a food service job to enable me to play video games, while saving up for that camper to live out my days in until I finally get the good news that the messenger of joy known as death is here to grant me release from this prison-cage of bondage that is the flesh upon the dust heap that is the material world.

Not to end on a downer or anything, but this story is either going to reach an apex for all to see and wonder at, or come crashing down on my head. Whatever it takes to get there.


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