Ah, the Holidays

Or, in my case, “AHH! THE HOLIDAYS!”

Yep, it’s this time of year again. I have always loved the holidays growing up a Baha’i. We even celebrated it a few times as a family, because heck, why not? Baha’is recognize Jesus for who He says He is, so we can observe His birthday. My parents made sure that we’d get proper exposure to the good things that American culture had to offer, even during the holiday season. Influencing me growing up was Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas album, the Home Alone film and others — I loved that Christmas spirit!

As an adult, I don’t really “get into the spirit” by putting up lights or putting a tree in my room or getting people gifts. I find that the material side of Christmas can take away from its true meaning, which should be about Jesus Christ. My Christian siblings, fortunately, have continued to give me that meaningful setting as an adult, complete with prayer before Christmas dinner, gift opening (though I’ve fallen short on the gift-giving part. Did my sister-in-law really like those kitchen sponges I got her that one year, or did she just laugh out of courtesy, pretending she enjoyed the humor? I guess I’ll never know.) Oh, and of course the family time!

I’ve been thinking a lot about cartograstrology, which is the name I’ve given to a phenomena that shows that we are all connected in some way through miraculous manifestations that happen at certain times that fit into a bigger big picture on this journey of experience. And as I’ve explained in previous posts, the pieces sometimes fit together even if the contributor of that piece is totally unaware of it.

Did I mention I’ve been thinking about cartograstrology… like A LOT? It’s exhilarating at first to witness the wonder of it all, but honestly it gets… well, exhausting. It’s so easy to overthink it. I’ve often asked myself how long I will let this continue before I just wall it off entirely from my conscious mind. Life would be so much easier if I could just integrate into a more conventional and “normal” way of being, even if I have to fake it till I make it. I’m starting to hate that feeling like I know too much, because it’s often coupled with a feeling of helplessness and isolation. Sometimes I just wanna “take the blue pill” and say this is all in my head and never speak of this blog again and just delete it all and efface this past year from my memory!

Then, just as the light is about to burn out, I get another one of those “signs.” Now it’s being followed with a sigh. See what I did there? Sign|Sigh. Why won’t you just leave me alone, universe?! What do you want from me!

So let’s talk about Santa, baby. Not the jolly old man— the 1953 Christmas song! And not the original, mind you. A particular cover recently released that has had omitted from it a few things from the original.

Cartograstrology-wise, there is a lot going on with the Santa Baby song that would make for a great game of let’s mess with Rahmat’s head some more, care of the universe! And what the heck, I’m game!

But I wonder how long we will actually play this game, if there is indeed even anyone else playing? And what’s more, when will the game end with an unveiling and an acknowledgement?

I’m talkin’ to you, Lindsey. It looks like it’s just you and me in here. No one else seems to be reading this, so here’s my reaction to your cute little song and video, you little kitten, you. I can see why you’d want to include this song in your “deluxe” edition instead of in last year’s release. Setting the stage, much? Wink wink

So here’s the rundown of features this version of the song has:

  • A convertible. What’s so special about a convertible? Well, it’s the winter, for one, so the original writer didn’t think that part through, so he must have been going on intuition here. Or maybe it sounded more swag.
    So, how about those letters in CONVERTIBLE?
    C, O, V, and I, what I like to call the “elements”, are all there. The elements are an arc (C), angle (V), line (I), and circle (O), and each element has one or two “components”, which is either an arc or a line, and these elements are the basic building blocks of every other capital letter in the alphabet. Having all four of ’em in a word is, like, auspicious or something. There are other letters and combinations in there that make it even MORE auspicious, especially when you make a pictograph out of the whole word like so:

Do you see what I see? C'mon, I know you do! It's like an emblem straight from heaven. There's even a Bible there, for gosh sake! Is it not plainly obvious what the universe is telling us?
  • A yacht, which is a boat. Some yachts have sails, you know. They’re called Day sailing yachts. DAY. SAILBOAT.
    I see what you did there.
  • The other original lyrics that are missing make the singer’s wishes seem superficial, but removing them from your version says plenty about what you value.
  • A bowtie. But only on your head, not your dancers’. Elegant and poetic. You win.
  • And then there’s the ring. On your ring finger. That’s… bold of you.

Finally, the video ends with a longing Lindsey waiting by the phone. But, if you don’t mind me asking, are you expecting a call from someone, or foreshadowing a call that you’re going to make?

I’ll wait.

But not forever.

So, am I crazy? Am I reading too far into things and having too much fun with it? Well, it can’t possibly go any further than this, I can tell you that much, and I’ll be damned if I keep up with this charade.

Will there really, truly be a very special “phone call” in our near future precipitating a big REVEAL?

I guess this is it!

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