Valentine’s Day

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day and it seemed right to me to finally get this WordPress blog back up again so I can write a special letter to my very special friend LS. You know who you are. And so does everybody else reading my messages in a bottle. Isn’t this fun!? I think it’s fun.

Turns out, to get the blog back up again, all I had to do was update the database’s entry for the theme. It got changed somehow. Well now I know how to fix a blog!

So it’s Valentine’s Day, again, and I wanted to give you something special, my dear. I’m sorry it will not be me giving a testimony about how I asked God if the Book of Mormon is true and then got baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints all thanks to you. I would hope that you would nonetheless be happy that I am courageously living my truth with compassion for others and with integrity.

I most likely will not marry someone who does not share my faith as a Baha’i. Marrying someone of another faith is like having two wings of a bird each trying to fly in different directions. It’s not for me.

You also probably want to be reunited with your family in the afterlife with Heavenly Father. You’ve worked so hard and are such a good person, but none of that will matter unless you marry a Mormon man in a temple. A sealing is crucial, and then, after all you can do, you’ll have a shot at getting into heaven in the afterlife.

Wrestling with these facts has not been fun, however.

During your social media break, I’ve found peace by repeating in hushed breaths to myself, it’s over. This thing is done. I also listened to Brave Enough a few times. The whole album, not just the song. Gosh, those themes in that album sure are relevant. Reminds me of something I like to call “the Matchbox effect”. Another time, perhaps.

What I would like to offer you in this letter is some interesting facts about Joseph Smith from a Baha’i perspective. Did you know that some Baha’is consider Joseph Smith to be a seer? Did you know he made accurate predictions about the coming Son of Man, that He did indeed come in 1891 wearing red? Check it out!

Here is a lengthy article written by a Baha’i from Utah that has it all. It’s not an official document, so it has the writer’s perspective which could have some inaccuracies.

I’ve learned the hard lesson that sharing facts with others doesn’t make them believers of those facts, nor will they immediately recant what has been disproved. There is something about the path of the seeker. The yearning. The journey to find the truth. There needs to be a burning desire to find the answer and courage to accept it when it comes, even if it’s uncomfortable or totally disagreeable. I’ve also accepted that people tend to have things that they let get in their way of truth, such as attachments, fear, and weakness. Getting out of our own way is hard, but I’ve found that once a person finally does break free, it’s like a new day and a new life.

I’m obviously making subtle prophetic allusions to you leaving the Church by referencing your songs that will come to pass (“Matchbox effect”): first, the realization of the truth causing your globe to break (Shatter Me) and then you discovering that it was the best thing ever in the afterglow (First Light). I just did it twice in the latter part of the previous sentence, too, see? I’m going for broke here!

With warm and loving Valentine’s Day wishes,

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