Arcarion. Me. Dia?

Oh come on, don’t be so surprised. It’s a gaming blog. *This* is a game, too, right?

Some sick game it is.

You know, after my previous post, I figured the game was over. Can’t undo my decision. Can’t reload a save. I chose, I stayed true to it, albeit I didn’t get the outcome I wanted, but it was a good experience nonetheless, so that was it. Time to log off and move on. Admittedly, it was easier than expected to let go, to be honest. Who needs to marry their beautiful and rich and famous and super talented girl of their dreams anyway? I don’t.

You know, I have a tendency to postpone certain experiences until I get a feeling it’s the right time, rather than jumping right in and going for it on a whim. Timing can be everything.

I haven’t watched a movie since Pete’s Dragon in December of 2017. I had my first virtual reality experience a few weeks ago, and then I got the feeling it was time to watch Ready Player One the other day. Loved it! Had I never played VR, it would not have been as good of an experience watching the film based on virtual worlds. On the last day of March I was craving a certain kind of music to go with the feeling of spring, so I decided without prompting to listen to Meg and Dia’s Cocoon for the first time. Hit the spot. Had I played it during the winter I would not have been able to enjoy it to the maximum. I sure have life figured out, it seems. Got my rhythms down pat.

Yup, things are going pretty good right now. Got a full time job I enjoy at an assisted living facility cooking for the residents. It’s easy and fun and my computer is getting maxed out with upgrades with the money I get, plus now I have VR. I can really escape and immerse myself completely now. I’m actually INSIDE Fallout 4! I can walk around my settlements in my room thanks to room scale tracking, and even stand next to Preston Garvey behind cover as we rid the Commonwealth of those pesky raiders with our laser muskets.

Best of all, I don’t have to think about this little story anymore because there aren’t any more avenues left to take.

Permadeath. No reloads.

But unlike my growing settlements in VR worlds, there are real people in this game– in the real world. This room ain’t so empty after all. I feel a presence in the room, or at least in my head. Taking the headset off now for a minute to think.

Why do I get this feeling like it’s not actually game over yet? Like I’ve been granted an extra life for a bonus round? I passed her up for the other one. I made my decision, as though it were all up to me. Well here’s what I didn’t anticipate: the power of forgiveness and humility to refresh and renew the heart and mind. And what if she chose that? Nice touch — we’re in it together. Also, the universe manifesting things can be quite astonishing.

Okay, what now? Get a work tradeoff so I can go to the Meg and Dia reunion show in NM in three months? See if I can’t find an opportunity to say “hi” in person while playing that little game that Vicci and I would play at her shows where we wouldn’t give ourselves away? Ooh! Maybe I can use social media to posture and telegraph for that fateful day we would be in the same place to instigate an accidental “bumping into each other”? It could be memorable scene for all in the know to witness.

What in the world am I talking about, you ask? Well, what does the magical matchbox have to say? Here’s a freebie: my interpretation of Chances.

When you call my name it’s the only truth I’m sure of
Like my neck on a chain

It’s out of my hands
But baby bring it on bold and tragic

Yeah yeah yeah, it’s a song about L.A., the acting world, its ups and downs, yada yada. Good cover story, but the rest of the pieces of the song don’t all quite fit together with that narrative. Learn to play the game!

What if I had a personal revelation that the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith is a prophet? Then got baptized and paid my tithing and worked my way toward that temple recommend, and gave my little testimony involving Lindsey Stirling to which lead to a ring? What would happen next? Story time. And whose name would be invoked?

And had this come to pass, it would have been automatic.

So how will this story unfold in the bonus round? How much time is left in the countdown? Who is going to drop the ball? Is someone going to try to sink this ship before it crashes to shore? Is Lindsey going to take a moment in her busy schedule to tell the world, “Hey everybody! Check out this thing and let me know what you think!” I doubt Vicci is going to spill it. Who else knows or cares?

Is it just the two of us in here now?

I dunno. I guess I’ll just go listen to Cocoon some more. Maybe it’ll come to me.