Confound it all!

Dear special friends,

Y’all are making me crazy!

I had a conversation with my dad, trying to explain as to why I left my job to go on a two-month vacation and I couldn’t tell him a damn thing! If I told him the real reason, he’d get concerned and then worried, and it wouldn’t help at all. He’s a retired mental health professional, mind you.

So here we are. Are we moments away from the big drop? Or is this story going to stay concealed from the world and gradually forgotten by me again, only to resurface once more in 2027 with a new generation of contenders? Sarcasm aside, I’m bettin’ that this thing gets exposed very soon.

Y’all are killing it, too! I’m getting weak in the knees over here. The quality of artistry coming out of you ladies is off the rails! I don’t even need to do a comparative analysis to show how obvious some of the art theft is getting over here. I’m an unacknowledged concept art collaborator at this point. Huge honor, though it’s signaling to me that D-Day is almost here (it’s the best I could come up with– “Decision Day?” “Dia Day?” “Days Day?”… sure!) and I have no idea what is gonna happen in the coming months. The past two autumn seasons I felt like I was nearly dying from all of the movement going on in the Aether. (How insane do I sound right now?) Wonder what this autumn will be like?

Let’s get one thing clear, lovely Dia: when this thing does go public, it will invariably be known that you are my second choice. No reloads! I ran to you because I figured that, from the circumstantial evidence, Celestial Marriage is the only option on the table, upon which I responded with a “no” to her invitation– and this will never change. Find somebody else to get you into heaven!

But… is it really over? I mean, I didn’t even consider the possibility that she’d be open to working out an alternative. Plus, she is known to not take “no” for an answer. I kinda just jumped the gun and assumed there’d be no room for compromise. Was I right? I mean, maybe she’s had some time to think it over and perhaps has concluded that something is better than nothing. It’s not the ideal scenario that her family will like, but we can’t always get what we want. I like the quote quoted in Steal Like an Artist that goes, “as soon as you stop wanting something, you get it.”

Ah, marriage, the dream that will never die. I wanted you so badly but now I don’t. Does that mean I get it now? No, really, I don’t! What do you mean, “nice try?” Forget you, universe! Finding a marriage is as hopeless for me now as it’ll ever be, but that’s because I tend to get stuck in this tangled web we weave. Did I mention how bizarre and weird this would make me look if read by other prospects? Yeah, that’s not helping either.

So, my dear alt, Dia, (and who likes being second choice, anyway?), if you’re thinking of leaving, now would be a great time. It would make things much easier for me if the runner up were no longer putting up such a fight. Granted, I would have no way of knowing if we were ever right for each other, but at least I could then wait for Lindsey in peace. Forever.


Well, at least until she married somebody else, that is. Then I’d give up. And then it would be all you!

Confounded as ever,

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