COVID-19 positives

It’s all the world is hearing about right now; on the devices on social media and news, or at home by yourself or locked up with your families. Society changes abruptly now — and, because that change is so sudden and drastic, there are many who are going to indirectly suffer as we figure out how to organize society post-COVID. Food service workers on the floor may not have a floor for seating beyond the take-out waiting benches. Will my favorite performers continue to put tours together knowing another outbreak could send them home early?

This is another one of those scenarios that test our faith, and it’s going to get easy to get caught up in thoughts of annihilation and total chaos. I’m inspired to write this post because the novel coronavirus has caused my parents and I to come together to plan for the worst, and it’s actually been fun and enlightening. As crazy as this whole situation is with lockdown forcing people into social distancing and the isolation it brings, its effect on me (who seeks to isolate from time to time) has presented opportunities for my parents and I to take measures to protect ourselves and it’s been actually kinda fun.

My mom has been excitedly researching medicinal antiviral mushrooms, I’m spreading the good word on high-dose vitamin C, and we are discussing ways we can help others in case of a supply chain disruption, reminding ourselves that when society is gripped with calamity it usually is responded to by people’s higher selves shining through to help, and not necessarily for the zombie hordes to amass to capitalize on an opportunity to maraud a vulnerable neighborhood.

Two months ago, I thought my job as a DoorDasher was pretty pointless. I’m delivering fast food to people. Sometimes groceries, and that is purposeful because those customers can’t get the food they need on their own so that’s nice. Now my dad is telling me that I have a very useful job for society right now, plus I’m getting a lot more base pay per order because of demand.

So as it stands now– when everyone is isolating just like I was in November and December of last year– I’m over here working more. I’ve got the ideal job for someone who lives with older people since I can practice distancing.

So I guess society is changing permanently. Why not make an effort to make the best of it, because it looks like this may not be going away any time soon.

I can’t end this post without mentioning the conspiracy aspect of this. It’s inevitable that– now that people are spending more time at home and potentially finding themselves in the conspiracy corner of YouTube– that they may find themselves contemplating the what-ifs of the SARS-CoV-2 virus origins being engineered by China and somehow getting out of containment.

As somebody who looks at everything with an open mind including conspiracy stories, I find this calamitous scenario striking because of all the so-called insiders who claim prescience that I follow on social media, none of them saw or predicted this crazy lockdown happening (except for a crazy old woo-woo guy in nearby Olympia, Washington) due to a virus outbreak, complete with a mandated isolation that the masses actually comply with because of the knowledge of how dangerous the disease is. So the public is going along with staying inside while kicking and screaming, complying nonetheless, and it’s not because they’ve been told that a coordinated mass arresting of the Deep State cabal is underway by the valiant efforts of the Alliance. Nope, sorry, David, that isn’t the narrative. The lockdowns are here, but they are necessary for containment and stopping the spread and everybody knows this. If the mass arrests do happen during this lockdown, should this be the case, then this end was assisted by this unfortunate outbreak that the elites themselves probably would not have let loose because they’re old and vulnerable to the disease themselves. Any way you look at it, this is really a calamity that sprung up unforeseen and is showing just who really has prescience in the ufology/higher consciousness community.

See? A whole lot of a different kind of COVID-19 positives.

I do wonder when I’ll get to go to another show, as well as what my favorite artists are going to do for their livelihoods.