The story so far…

I posted a new entry yesterday and hit publish, and then something strange happened. It didn’t show! It was saying that it was published in the control panel, but not showing up on the main page, so I took it as a sign from the heavens and set it to private. Turns out that I composed it too soon, before I had all the pieces put together. The universe intervened to keep that post hidden from the world so I could get the record straight. Go angels!

I think I got it now. Note to my readers: this post is a continuation of a story whose chapters are now hidden as private posts here on my blog. So if you are starting here, it might get a bit fuzzy.

Page 14 of David’s notebook from 1996 is the cryptic and prophetic play-by-play roadmap that we’ve been using to navigate this critical juncture. Thanks, David!

The Ra Material — not the blue-feathered kind!

“You’re fat enough in the mouth – you need to wash it down”

– Paragraph 1, sentence 2

Seems I was the one biting off more than I could chew. So I went back and “checked the map”. Remember: WASH IT [d]O[w]N, minus the [d-avid w-ilcock], spells WASH IT ON, or Washi[ng]ton. Here is a rundown of how that name is significant:

  • Washington Street in Tacoma,
  • Washington State, is the site of … well I can’t say it publicly. Go watch my video and figure it out
  • Washington Street in Boston, where it intersects with State Street you find the Old State House and the massacre site from the year 1770. You can also find Goodneighbor and recruit Hancock in post-apocalyptic 2287 in Fallout 4. Okay, that last part is significant to me, alright?
  • It is currently year 177 of the Baha’i calendar, among the many other significances pertaining to the numbers 7 and 17

If you take both sevens and flip one so they are symmetrical to one another, then put the 1 between them, you get a triangle like this:

7 1 and 7 makes a triangle with a vertical axis of symmetry

Got it? Good, keep this in mind and let’s move on…

Up against the wall – now you’re looking for it.

– Paragraph 1, sentence 3

Dia has been posting pics on her Instagram of her professionally leaning up against walls all over town, so you know that has got to be significant, or I’m not crazy as hell for seeing all this expletive. This, combined with a host of other signals and promptings, has forced us to take a good look.

It reminds me of when we would touch base before you went on a diet.

– Paragraph 1, final sentence

So I guess this has happened before? Note the word “diet”. It’s a marker for the next time it’s used.

Establish your horizons and ask yourself a question – do I like to sit in school?

– Second paragraph, first sentence. Filling in these citation blocks is fun

I did a treatment on an interpretation of this. As for the sitting in school part, this is my interpretation: when I first discovered the “constellation” of coordinates on the map of Tacoma in 2007, I connected them together like this:

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a miniature Tacoma! It’s…. a sailboat?

What I would not notice until just a year ago is that the line starting from the 1220 Woodlawn house intersects with the “home path” line at a perfect 90 degrees, right at the midpoint of this line segment. I called this the “six-point constellation”. I created this image two years ago, before I discovered the perfect geometry you get if you factor in a seventh point that sits atop an — you guessed it — elementary school.

I discovered the “seven-point constellation” while writing the script for my video in 2019.

So what about the question: do I like to sit in school? I guess there are many meanings here, but one thing is for sure is that it is suggesting a choice, hence…

You can pick an answer. If no, start to study.

– the sentences after the previous one in the second paragraph

Supposing that I had not yet found the seven-point constellation, I would have had to answer “no”. So how do you find the location of the seventh point? Start from the blue star, which is the location of where I started my life in Tacoma at age 5, draw a line to the house in which I first discovered and studied cartograstrology, and that line becomes the “home path”, because it is the path between my places of residence. The midpoint of that line segment is right atop the school.

There is no need for a planned sacrifice. Apples and oranges can be a pair, you know.

– first and second sentences, third paragraph. Are these citations getting tedious yet?

I have thought about this one a lot and have gone back and forth between different interpretations. There were moments when I felt like my heart was going to explode and I would be some kind of sacrifice of sorts, but I knew that couldn’t be it because, well, I survived. So I figure it means that Lindsey or Dia won’t have to be “sacrificed” one for the other in terms of some kind of choice on my behalf of who to love, like choosing between an apple or an orange, leaving the other’s heart to rot in misery and heartache. As if I’m that special. It, did, however, give me assurance that a resolution could be found in which nobody would have to suffer some kind of defeating loss. A happy end!

If that lands national… Homeopathic TV.

– okay, that’s enough citations for now

The magic of cartograstrology is how it can predict things that will happen by observing patterns. Here is prime example. Remember how we used the midpoint on the home path to draw a perpendicular line that intersected my place of work and the house on the card transaction copy? If we apply the same operation to the line segment formed between the points on Days Island and 2501 miles out to the Old State House, we can repeat the process to get this:

Look familiar?

Now we can use this north-south perpendicular line as a guide to define the remaining sides of a “717” triangle. Extend the home path line out until it meets that perpendicular line in Mexico, wiggle the tip of the upside down triangle a bit until it lines up with the massacre site. This line actually extends to the Shrine of the Bab in Haifa, Israel, but I shortened it to make the picture less “busy”.

717 or TV?
Wait…. ODIN?!

So what happens when you take the “home path” out of “homeopathic”? You get “OIC” remaining. And if we consider that three of the four elemental components are present, minus the “A”, we get….
O I C [A] TV.
Oh, I see a TV!
Bam! Prophetic David Wilcock is prophetic! But you don’t know how to decode it, which is why you’re always wrong, David. Too bad!

Next, if we examine the midpoint of this new, extended home path, it will be just south of where the path meets the Arizona-New Mexico border. If we place a line along the latitude going due west, it goes straight to Los Angeles County.

Here is where it gets interesting. Start a line on the big Ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier at Pacific Park, and extend that line along the Santa Monica Boulevard, and keep going until it meets the home path.

Hey Dia, would you believe me if I told you that I discovered your “home path” just hours before our little phone call?

Do you see it? What is all there? Not only does this line meet the home path at a right angle, but also, according to Dia’s wikipedia, she went to high school in both St. George and Las Vegas.

Now, if you had been paying close attention to my blog and following me on social media, there is a good chance you could have known exactly where I would go on my road trip before I did, using cartograstrology. In December of 2017, I spontaneously departed, not really having a destination in mind. I found myself drawn to sunny Phoenix, Arizona to hike and camp in the surrounding Tonto National Forest in warm, vitamin D-producing weather by way of stopping at Joshua Tree National park for one night.

If you were to move the point of the triangle near the border junction south a bit, so that its length matches the Santa Monica Line, this new line would pass through Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona, where Lindsey is from. Also, it would pass by the places where I actually stayed and camped in Joshua Tree and Phoenix area. I honestly did not notice this cartograstrology at the time, nor would I until long after David published his page from his notebook in September 2018. On my second road trip in September 2019, I likewise didn’t have a destination in mind after Salt Lake City, and then I found myself drawn to Zion National Park. I recognized that good feeling and found myself hiking Angel’s Landing, and of course, the Narrows, because the bridge in Tacoma, right? Then I looked back at what I felt compelled to do and found connections in my adventures to the words if that lands national.

Would you have predicted I’d go there if you were really intrigued by all this? And IF it happened as predicted, then what?
Reconcile. What a strange life I live.

What’s worse, is what else could my readers be predicting yet? It’s like I’m some kind of case study or something. It’s getting wild, but I’m not stoppin’ now!

The following weekend, we’re going to have a special function. (diet) Hop in for pizza.

– not the pedo kind of pizza, David. Learn.

This past weekend, Dia put together a fundraising function in which she offered one-on-one phone calls for those who make a modest donation. This is where we see the “diet” word show up again. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled on what she might come up with to give me an opportunity to get some facetime. This was it. Take my money!
Here is how I figured:

[Di]et [F]unc[t]i[on] = [Di]a [F]ramp[ton]
What remains from these letters? A ramp? By George, the map does look like a ramp! Another connection!

So the word “diet” appears twice, and the second connects to the first iteration with “touching bases”, as in receiving a communication before chatting with Dia, like what happened with the Santa Monica Line. And now I’m using that knowledge to write up this new post just a day later. I sometimes forget that something maybe will come of it, maybe some other time.

Crazy little dreams waiting for you

This part of page 14 gets me really excited. I think it’s already happening, though. Can’t be any crazier than this. However, what is to become of the needless sacrifice? How will I know that there is no interest left in one or both ladies if they are not communicating directly to me? On the call, Dia offered no acknowledgement that she knows about this when we talked, nor did I ask directly, so she has not technically lied to me. I’ve been careful about how I’ve played the game — I’m not going to beat down her door. She has to offer, so I won’t make demands. If she has her chance with me and doesn’t take it, I sure has heck can put two and two together and determine that it is her way of expressing disinterest.

In hindsight, I think justice and fairness was done. I met her face-to-face, then she called me, and I’ve met her halfway at every turn. I guess time will tell if she gives me a call, and that’s the only downside. It’s not a direct “no”, but rather a time-released answer.

The Upside: there’s always Lindsey, and we still have yet to meet….

And before I go, I forgot to mention this:

Terrain map of St. George with superimposed Washington State…. yeah, crazy.