May the 4s be with U

TOTL WOW!!1!!!

What a season finale for that Star Wars TV show! We all know that show is a work of inspired creativity and that it was executed to perfection. I have never in my life watched a TV show that made me tear up, let alone sob for hours. I figure that this is what the cultural event must have felt like in 1977 with the release of the movie magic that the original Star Wars brought.

I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like for the creators to enjoy the success of the show. I can only imagine what they must think of cartograstrology now.

My blackboard has quite the “chain code” scribbled on it.


And that’s only the first part; I figured out the rest. All three matrices. Din Djarin, Grogu. Tatooine. Hell, even Toro. I wish George Lucas could have watched chapter sixteen as I did, over and over again… the magic and soul of Star Wars for the captivated returning viewer at a new time. Also, the way it connects to all the other things. WOOOOOOW.

Or should I say whoa! Or Woe! WO is me!
Lots to process, but a lot less now that I have become prepared for finding out. It reminds me of the quote from the Bible. “Woe worth the day!” The first woe was Vicci, the second woe was both Dia and Lindsey, and behold! the third woe comes quickly! I’d marry Star Wars if I could.

I can keep going, doing this by myself. Alone, I can keep following the lines and searching the patterns and tuning in, posting a GIF now and again to lead the quiet believers to the winning formula, in the hopes that I’m continuing to fulfill my destiny.


How about a friggin’ job, Lucasfilm!? C’mon! I’m ready to face the trials!
How about we create a new position: Archetypal Concept Artist, or Ar.C.Artist for short? I can be a writer, too!

What else, if not, do you think the “RS TA WA” could mean? I’m going with the “chosen one” prophecy pointing to yours truly (URS TRLY). I can do this all Day.


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