We made it!

Well done, friends!

This past week has felt like the previous three years of research condensed into the span of a few days. It all started when I unknowingly went to watch some TV and caught up on some films I missed. Reminds me of that time I went downstairs to do the dishes and decided to listen to a favorite Pandora station of mine that played some Celtic folk rock and EDM tunes. You know the story. Apparently there has been a whole ‘nother side to it that I only just a few days discovered. And now I realize that my map was only half complete. HALF!

Well, you all know where this is going. The jig is up. This post ain’t for newbies to the theme. We know who we are. What makes this the finish line is now I know.

I can tell you for one thing, had I not had the full measure of years of ordeals to get this far in preparation for December 2020, and had I found out what I know now three years ago, you all would have lost me. I would not have been able to handle the information and who knows how I would have received it. But you all waited for me and watched carefully as I put the pieces together as the timer counted down to 12.20.2020. I knew you all were here and believed in you, as you did in me. So, thank you, and I love you, my wonderful scenius!

Like the end of Ender’s Game when he realized that the final test for his training was an actual battle, I didn’t realize what we did until after the show rolled credits. And then came the butterflies!

You should have seen me staring at this grid of six matrices consisting of arranged letters for hours and hours yesterday. What a strange sight for the untrained observer. Turns out there are six matrices, not three. I had no idea that my 11-17 tweet fit like lock and key to the existing parts. Astonishing!

There is one more thing, however. Something I have been searching for in the patterns for some time to clarify something, of which I have also found a key for:


The STAR WARS chain code ends on RS. It all makes sense now. Then it makes a return to the STARt (pun intended, I guess). I can also see that MNOP are behind in the sequence.

So… are you thinking what I’m thinking? Maybe I have it all wrong about “Molly Mormon”. In any case, all that I know about her is based on what she posts publicly, so I can’t possibly know for sure from over here what will come of it.

So, now that we made it, what happens now? Shall we celebrate? How ’bout a round of pizza? Shall I hop in and head down there? That’s a reference to David’s page 14 prophecy which, by the way, looks about 90% fulfilled at the moment.

From a cartograstrological point of view, I see the dates of 1.2.2021 and 1.20.2021. I like the first one better because it’s closer. As I wait for an invitation, I’ll be doing research for writing the next STAR WARS saga, just in case.

Happy New Year,
May the 4s be with U

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