Hello again

Hey all, me again. I just felt like posting something today. What a crazy couple of months it’s been! If you’re new here, you’re probably curious about the STAR WARS chosen one you’ve just heard about going around social media. If that isn’t how it went, then this thing probably didn’t get summarized in a video somebody makes that goes viral, leaving people astonished. At some point, the woo woo is going to break out into the open, and I’m afraid they’ll be asking about us!

I suppose one more update is in order. Going into May I suspected that any plans I put together for a year’s end goal will probably get thrown off by the tremors, as I’ll call them, because it is the STAR WARS month and I cannot escape what I think we can all agree is my inevitable destiny in the woo. I’ve called this sickness ‘butterflies’ before, and they’re these strange physical symptoms that come with huge personal revelations, which usually include loss of appetite, insomnia, trembling, and overwhelming feelings of love. June’s butterflies were the heaviest since November of 2017 and it is coming at a time all these other things are converging in the STAR WARS woo woo, like numbers in dates and ages of certain people.

It’s pretty amazing that we are here now, August 2021, and we are still going strong! Is the woo woo dam going to break soon and every person who potentially finds this stuff interesting will learn of it? Then what will they inevitably ask about the chosen ones?

I love how Dia has all of the power in the TWLB relationship presently. I had my time with it, and now I’m practically on my knees over here. Justice? Love it! It’s well earned and deserved.

Right, Mark?

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