Here’s your pizza, David. Hop in!

Let me be clear about something. I love David Wilcock. I think he is going to go down in history as a legendary researcher and compiler of obscure, esoteric, and hidden scientific knowledge that will endure, lead us into the future, and rewrite our science books. His current spiritual teachings and philosophical legacy, however, I believe, will mar his immortalized image as a researcher while cementing the taunts he endured as a boy from his schoolyard antagonizers like a fulfilled prophecy:

That’s David. He’s so smart he’s dumb!

Two years ago I got my pre-ordered copy of The Ascension Mysteries and paused my games for a weekend to binge-read it and it was very memorable. I enjoyed his stories from his childhood, and that above quote made me laugh so hard. I appreciate him being humble enough to include it.

I want him to be immortalized as a hero that stood for truth and justice, but ultimately I feel he is buying into false idols of his imagination; a man who was brilliant, but foolish. Fortunately, he is only in his forties so he can still cast away those veils.

Every age has idols. Millennia ago they were pagan gods or statues or certain rulers. Today, these idols are celebrities, or ideas and conceptions of divinity that have a modern appeal but are still imaginings or conceptions from the fallible mind of man. In the case of David Wilcock, the idol in question is the concept of an Infinite Creator found in the Law of One material.

The question-and-answer sessions, also known as the Ra Material, were channeled in through a human medium in the early 80’s coming from Ra, a “humble messenger of the Law of One”, and more channelings were done by David more recently. My first time visiting his site Divine Cosmos in 2009 brought me to his blog where I read a transcript of his channeling, and I immediately lost interest in going back. Call it cognitive dissonance.

I found his sciencey stuff interesting, so I gave him another try and was not disappointed. His TV show on the Gaia network has been a favorite of mine for 5 years.

Some of his “prophetic” predictions that came in through documenting and interpreting his dreams, such as the Fukushima disaster, are worth noting. I’d say he’s earned his title of being a seer. However, he is also notorious for his failed 2012 predictions of a worldwide dimensional shift that would thrust us into a pre-built new world 100 times more harmonious than our current one, but has found himself a plausible explanation for why it failed to happen, thanks to the “insider’s insider” Corey Goode, whose claim to true facts of being humanity’s sole diplomatic liaison to extraterrestrials (of which include the authors of the Law of One material who take the form of a sixth “density” race of blue-plumed humanoid bird people called the Blue Avians) are backed by way of a “take my word for it.” The reason for the 2012 dud that was given is that humanity wasn’t ready for Ascension yet, so the Sphere Being Alliance came into the solar system with a hundred spherical ships and intervened to give us more time to grow spiritually before allowing the big “solar flash” to take place. (The ships have left, by the way)

Fair enough.

Now, I know what it’s like to have a story that seems unbelievable. I mean, look at the content on this here blog, for gosh sakes! What is NOT needed here, however, is the whole “take my word for it” part. The beauty of the content I’ve created here is that you can take the data points I’m offering and you can connect the dots yourself, and I can feel free to discredit myself with silly and sarcastic commentary all day long and you’d have only yourself to blame for not doing the work to see for yourself. See how awesome of a position I’m in here?

Currently, David is making more claims stemming from his remote-viewing sessions and recorded dreams over the course of decades in conjunction with numerous “high level insiders” of an imminent takedown of the Deep State Cabal. Finally! The final boss will have been defeated by the heroes of the cosmos, and humanity will be set free, and we will have our long-awaited renaissance of art and culture in a Star Trek-like post-disclosure inter-planetary civilization when the tyrannical elite rulers controlling the government, academic, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and entertainment establishments (among others) are all arrested in one fell swoop.

Only problem I’m having, though, is that we have heard it all before.

But what about the QAnon drops? What about our inner knowingness and the outward signs of a defective world order convulsing due to the contractions of the pregnant times we are in that suggest— nay, insist: THE VEIL IS LIFTING!? Heck, even I am believing that things are accelerating as of late (Not sure about the QAnon thing. Accredited journalists claimed to have identified and interviewed the original creators of the group acting as a LARP, or live-action role-players).

Truth is outing itself, right? It’s God’s plan entering into a major phase of transformation: the countdown is commencing with milliseconds left, happening precisely at the striking of the hour.


I trust my heart, but my brain is telling me I’ll believe it when I see it.

We are now at the part of the game where either something big happens, or it doesn’t. There’s either a climax followed with a resolution, or it drags on forever, leaving the players (such as myself) bored and wanting to play something else. In David’s case, likewise, he is approaching a cliff that, if he falls, his career will not be able to return to the surface from the abyss.

Then it’s Game Over.

So… if David has got his prophetic remote-viewing abilities locked on target, his insiders are on point, QAnon is not a fraud, and his most recent post is indeed true: count on tough times in the coming weeks.

Just as “the hour is darkest before the dawn”, the end of the year will bring the first light of a new day, and we will be living in a new world freed from the vice grip of a satanic Cabal that has had its control grid in place on an enslaved mankind for literally millennia.

However, if QAnon proves (yet again) to have provided false intel and no mass arrests indeed take place soon, as strongly indicated by David “Wow” Wilcock and his insiders (notwithstanding his Ascension failed to happen TWICE now), count on him being irreconcilably discredited. No more excuses from unprovable sources like Goode and friends. No more pointlessly long-winded and baseless articles that yield high hopes but disappoint and mislead well-meaning and concerned readers.

At least in my view.

So this is it, David. I know you must be feeling the pressure. You mean well, and I believe that you sincerely believe that what you believe is true. Reincarnation, Ascension, god-like super powers such as levitation and the like awaiting those of us who are 51% nice, angelic extraterrestrial humans giving you visions, insight, and wisdom because somehow it happened that way or you are just gifted or had the right mix of karma, or you are Edgar Cayce reincarnated – I dunno!

I get it.

And I honestly don’t care if you’re right about your One Infinite Creator, and that all there is is Identity that decided it was tired of being bored all by its lonesome and thus fractionated into Intelligent Energy so it could experience itself for amusement, all while I’m wrong about my One True God of all the world’s major religions, having no other explanation as to how this Universal Educator came to possess such a matchless utterance in the face of every manner of persecution, exile, and imprisonment while establishing His religion in every region of the earth unhindered. I just want the truth. I’m quite certain about my belief, however, but aren’t we all?

I can’t help but think that maybe you’re sore tried and afflicted as you read this. I know you’re sensitive to criticism, oftentimes calling critics straight up “haters”. I hope you don’t throw that label on me for speaking my heart and mind, because I certainly am not trying to serve up the “hatorade”.

Maybe you know that the veil is getting thinner and the Law of One just isn’t likely going to reach that critical mass because it’s basically impossible to understand due to its cryptic nature, and therefore inaccessible to most people without a guide, and maybe there is something to be said about how one’s own experience can be so utterly profound while imparting certitude upon the individual believing their experience to be absolute truth, yet possess a slightly diverging paradigm to his or her neighbor’s own profound experience of truth. Is everything all just relative truth? Is there no absolute truth? Sorry, my bias got me carried away. I get cognitive dissonance, too, you know.

So what are you gonna do about this conundrum?

Guess what, David? I may be able to help you. And it’s right there in your own handwriting! Yup, dated right around when it all began: November 30, 1996: seventeen years before your Gaiam TV announcement. And it uses some themes that I’ve developed on this here blog.

So, shall we play a game?

Dig a little deeper

What have we learned about the fractal nature of the universe around us? How does this universal intelligence manifest itself, however unintentionally on our behalf, even in our own writing?

Remember ARCARION from my previous post? I didn’t know about all those fractal layers embedded in my alias that spelt out everything. I discovered it by over-interpreting some music.

Your notebook’s entry you made while in a deep trance in 1996 about “Art Bell doing yoga” is a very interesting piece of writing. It’s got magic written all over it.

I went a bit deeper and analyzed some inner significances of the individual letters of your writing, as well as made my own interpretation of your “data” based on my own experiences that I’ve laid out in my previous posts. And guess what? There seems to be a pattern of coherence in what it could be saying!

Instead of posting the snapshot of the notebook page without permission, I’m going to just type it out. Fair use!


You’re probably one of very few people in the club who can understand the Ra Material. You’re fat enough in the mouth – you need to wash it down. Up against the wall – now you’re looking for it. It reminds me of when we would touch base before you went on a diet.

Establish your horizons and ask yourself a question: Do I like to sit in school? You can pick an answer. If no, start to study. Take notes.

There is no need for a planned sacrifice. Apples and oranges can be a pair, you know. If that lands national. Saturn returns – it can’t possibly be. Homeopathic TV. Think of Art Bell doing yoga. Maybe something will come of it – maybe some other time. Another period of snow before vacation – you can come inside. Don’t be a slave. Slaves do the work of many for the pay of few. It’s easy to latch on to that feeling of powerlessness. Don’t worry – we have some crazy little dreams waiting for you.

The following weekend, we’re going to have a special function. (diet) Hop in for pizza. What you eat is you, you *now. So is angioplasty.

And now, some ‘crumby’ drops from Rnot-Anon:

Let’s get started. Original text is bold and indented. I’ve made some modifications to the original text.

You’re pRo|bab|Ly one of VeRy Few peopLe in the club who can understand the Ra Material.

What is a “bab”?
Why emphasis on R, L, V, and F?
What club?
Which Ra?

You’re fat enough in the mouth – you need to WASH IT dOwN.

You’ve said a lot over the years, and maybe you have bitten off more than you can chew?
What is WASH IT O N? A place, perhaps?
What letters are not capitalized?

Up against the wALL – now you’re looking for it.

What is a “wall”?
What is “it”? A “map”, perhaps?
What took you so long?

It reminds me of when we would touch base before you went on a diet.

Who’s “me” and “we”?
What else is a “diet”? A restriction of intake? Of words?

Establish your horIZONs and ask yourself a question: Do I like to sit in school?

I don’t like to sit in school. Boring. Nothing to learn. Do you?
How many horizons are there on the open ocean? Just one?

You can pick an answer.

I chose no. What did you choose?

If no, start to study. Take notes.

I studied and took notes. Not in school, that is. Gotta admit, was pretty freaked out by the end.

There is no need for a planned sacrifice.

Well that’s…. scary. Don’t know what to make of this one. Does it HAVE to mean a ritualistic human sacrifice? Or something lower for something higher at a specific time?

AppLes and oRAnges can be a pair, you know.

Oh really? Wouldn’t that be a dream. Well, she and I are a few ways “different”, but nothing is impossible.
Is there only one meaning here?

If that lands natIONal.

What’s this about “land” again? Country? Or landing?
What is the “-ION”, again?

Saturn returns – it can’t possibly be.

Oh yes it can! Wait— what? I don’t own a Saturn, so nope, can’t be a car.
A god?
A renewal?
Which day of the week was he?

Homeopathic TV. Think of Art Bell doing yoga.


Maybe something will come of it – maybe some other time.

Crazy when I think about it. Or are we still on the subject of Gaia TV?

Another period of snow before VAcatION – you can come inside.

There’s that “ION” again! But it’s after a .
What is a “snow-white spot”?
Tarry not.

Don’t be a slave. Slaves do the work of many for the pay of few. It’s easy to latch on to that feeling of powerlessness.

This one’s a real GEM.
Sorry about that, David. Not a funny matter.

Don’t worry – we have some crazy little dreams waiting for you.

Aww! Your deep-trance self has the best encouragement for you right now, you’ll see!

The following weekend, we’re GOING to have a special functION.

I considered capitalizing the “FUN” for— wait for it— no reason. HA!
What is a “function”? What action does it perform? Why are the “G”’s capitalized?

(diet) Hop in for pizza.

HOp IN fOR piZza

Still looking for that second “horizon”?
Do you like to sit in school?
Something tells me this isn’t about Pizzagate anymore.

Question: Why “hop” and not “jump”? Can’t “jump in” mean a “wild ride”, too?

Answer: Because “JUMP” won’t look like a sliced pizza, that’s why.

How do you spell HORIZON?
With a pizza.
Have some fruit with that.
Apples and oranges.
How do you slice them?
Think donuts and pizza.
Many meanings.

What you eat is you, you *now.

Still think this sentence has something to do with cannibalism?
What does this “pizza” have to do with “*now”?
Snow-white .

You have more than you know.
I’ve always wanted to say that.

Don’t have a heart attack.


What is in a name?

The title of this amazing blog post is from Shakespeare, but actually I’m not intentionally quoting from Romeo and Juliet to make a subtle suggestion that this post has a romantic connotation to anything. If you’ve been following my blog from the start (which you can read in its entirety in probably 20 minutes), you’ll find that each post builds upon the previous, and then you’ll see that people can do things that seem to connect to a larger metaphysical whole, intentional or not.

Remember the “cartograstrology constellation” of the “sailboat”? I pointed out that everything is interconnected and sometimes that “big picture” can reveal portions of itself at a certain time on someone’s path.

I’m giving this post this title because I’m asking a legitimate question: What is in a name? The answer: when viewing it with an eye for signs of a holographic fractal universe where the whole is contained in the part and everything is connected to everything else, a name can have contained in it more than ever imagined!

So let’s take a look at what is in my name: Rahmat A.K.A. Arcarion— the latter being my gaming handle or online alias.

A little background story: in 2003 when I was 19 I played an online roleplaying game called EverQuest Online Adventures for the PlayStation 2. When deciding what to name my character, I wanted a root alias consisting of a single syllable, knowing I would be called by that in the text box by default, and that root alias would span all of my created “toons”, or characters. I decided it was to be “Arc”. It sounded right to me and I didn’t give it any more thought.

I added a few more letters to it that gave it a fantasy feeling and “Arcarion” was born. When creating new characters, I’d start with the root “Arcarion” and change a letter or two (i.e. Arctarion, Arcarius, Arcurion, Arcturius, etc.) and lo! I had a character naming system!

In 2005 I decided I needed my own web domain, and I’d use it to post media creations and host files, thus was born. My vision was that it would one day be a huge success and inspire people with my amazing content. So if you are here and have been inspired by my media content— thanks! You’re making my original vision a reality!

Back to the present. I was listening to “Take Flight” by Lindsey Stirling and there’s this synthetic sounding voice that repeats something vague. With this new eye for observing holographic patterns in all things, my imagination seemed to want to hear it saying “are care”. Given the aforementioned parallels in her music video to the “sailboat” constellation on my cartograstrology map of Tacoma, there was a keen interest in what other gems I could dig up that the universe was hiding in the “holofractographic” fabric of all that is, especially with this Vicci-Dia-Lindsey trio of creators.

So, what is my imagination coming up with when I hear that voice in the song? Well, “are care” makes me think of ARCAR(ion), of course! A new rabbit hole to go down!

Since making this connection, the first thing I noticed is that in the word ARC you have an actual geometric arc. See it? It is the letter “C”! The word “arc” pictographically represents an actual arc, with the addition of the letters “ar”, and “ar” reversed is “ra”— the first two letters of my real name. So basically, these three letters are representing my real name mirrored in my root gaming alias. A holo-fractal handle? I didn’t notice before! Mind blown!

Consider that the word “arc” has a reversed— or mirrored— “ra” in it, just as you would imagine that my gaming handle Arcarion is a mirror of myself in the fantasy game world he is in. Taking it a step further, ARCAR has another “ar” in it, on the other side of the “c”, which, as we know, is a geometric arc. What properties does an arc have? Well, it’s symmetrical, for one. That means that half of it mirrors the other half. How can you figure this into the picture? Read it this way:

→   |  ←

So, just like a mirror creates reversed symmetrical imagery, you would read “AR” left-to-right on the left side of the “C” and right-to-left on the other side.

So what does it ultimately convey?

ARCAR = “ARC (is a reflection of) RA(hmat)”


Dang, did I unintentionally pick the most perfect alias or what?!

But the best part comes from the three letters left over: “-ion”: check out what happens when you simply overlay each capitalized letter of “ION” right in the center:

What exactly are we looking at? Everything.

What do I mean by “everything”? Just about everything I’ve shown you thus far with cartograstrology, the sailboat constellation map of Tacoma, the alias ARCARION— everything— is contained in those three letters centered on a single point as a holofractal-pictograph. You read it right— the whole is contained within this image of “ION”, like a hologram or a fractal!

Shall we unravel it?

First, the basics

The four lines you see that are in the “N” and “I” can represent four people: Vicci, Dia, Lindsey, and Rahmat.

What else are in these names? Believe it or not, if you put all four of us together, you get one man: Leonardo Da Vinci. See it in the names?

LiNdsey / ARD (ARc >|< RD, or RAhmat D.)

Leonardo Da Vinci was a polymath who pretty much did everything from cartography to mathematics to art and science, which is pretty much what is covered across the board here on this blog, and the four of us seem to have a range of skills and talents. (Except for Vicci; aside from music and drama, I think she just watches T.V.)

If you believe in reincarnation (which I do not), then we are the reincarnation of fragments of his fractionated soul. (Sorry for triggering your cognitive dissonance, here, David. Hit me up if you wanna talk about it. I have the utmost compassion as the veils fall away for those who have bought into the reincarnation paradigm of nonsense.) What I mean by “reincarnation” is that his array of attributes are returning here (not essence), albeit distributed among the four of us. And it’s likely got something to do with— oh i dunno— a RENAISSANCE.

The “O” can represent a pair of semicircular arcs divided by the vertical line, conveying symmetry, perfection, and completeness. Also, as stated above, the two semicircle arcs together symbolize ARCAR.

The “N” represents the following:

Though not symmetrical, the "N" when separated by the "I" creates two separate angles that are 180 degrees of rotation apart and opposite of each other.

These can also represent the two “A”s as in ΛrcΛrion, or the two “A”s as in RΛhmΛt

The diagonal line striking through the vertical line represents an edge of the "bowtie" ley line sequence from my previous post, and strangely resembles the lamp in the Take Flight music video.

I like to think it also represents transcendence because it passes over and connects the other three lines, and not just because I want an excuse to tie it in to another Lindsey Stirling song title.

With a little bit of stretching, I can make my ideas all fit together.
See how this ION pictograph represents the "R"s as well as the theme of correspondence?

Letter Elements

Now, if you look at the letters A I O and C that I’ve covered so far, they consist of these basic elements: the arc, the line, the angle, and the circle. Interestingly, when you look at the 26-letter upper case alphabet, they can be broken down into these elements:

"A" is a line and an angle, "B" is two arcs and one line, "C" is one arc, "D" is an arc and a line, etc...

Letter components of “O” and “A”

The circle and angle can be broken down further into two arcs and two lines respectively, which I’ll call components, and these two components in turn make up the four script elements which are either a single or doubled component.

Extra credit assignment:

  1. Break down these two nicknames into their respective components. Examine.


  2. What did you discover when you did that?
  3. Describe to yourself or discuss among your friends what it can symbolically illustrate.
  4. What other words or names use ALL FOUR basic elements A or V, C, I, and O? (Ex.: “The VOICe”, ArCarIOn, etc.)

There will be a quiz!

Dear Lindsey Stirling,

It’s that time of year again (out of 12 months, you’ve been on tour for 5— amazing dedication to your fans!), and with a heavy heart I must inform you that I have not obtained a VIP pass that would give us that moment to finally meet and say hello. Had I been steadfastly dedicated to earning the necessary funds, I surely would have been able to purchase them through employment, however I chose to take a job that was personally satisfying for me as a farm hand that left me with only a meager wage.

My work on the farm has produced wonderful lettuce (as well as a crazy farmer’s tan) that was distributed to food banks, while learning about organic agriculture which I will surely use in the future. I drive by that amphitheater every day I work and think of how awesome it would be to participate in the fun you have planned for the VIP crowd, but I’m sure seeing you from way in the back will be just as awesome. In addition to my work, I’ve been serving in my community and rendering much needed child care for my hard-working friends. All in all, I’ve enjoyed a very enriched life this year in my state of poverty and wouldn’t have sacrificed it for anything— even meeting you.

Now, I know how much you love having fans like me to inspire you and be inspired by you, so the best that I can do is offer you this letter of appreciation and gratitude.

But before I sign this letter, I wanted to share with you that since witnessing the fulfillment of your dreams unfold in the last six years, I’ve been contemplating what it means for me to have a dream. And then it hit me— I, too, am living my dream! I wake up feeling excited for what the day will bring and full of gratitude to God for living in this time. If ever I dreamt of fame and fortune, it was because those things came as a natural consequence of having a certain calling in life, but they were neither the objective nor the measure of success (they actually make things more difficult and complicated, if you ask me). The true feeling of “winning” comes from being severed from the want of anything other than the bounties of God, which we seem to be receiving in overflowing abundance. And I don’t mean that in material degrees.

So I’ll be looking forward to seeing you from a distance on Friday the 7th. I’ll probably be coming straight from the farm, since it’s just four miles down the road. Without a shower.

Your favorite Stirlingite,

P.S.: If you want some lettuce, let me know! I promise it won’t be like that time in Mexico City.

Introducing Cartograstrology

I hope you’ve been following my blog, because I’m on to something here. I pointed out that sometimes artists hide secret “Easter Eggs” in their artwork as a bonus for anyone who takes the time to look for them. After much speculative analysis, I’ve decided that the intelligent universe, too, does this. It hides things everywhere– in synchronicity, patterns, etc.– and sometimes you might get a gut feeling to look here or there and discover those patterns and parallels that, for some, offer a source of guidance for those looking for some guidance from a higher plane.

In the new age conscious truth-seeking community, it’s a phenomena called synchronicity, and it usually happens through “intuitive hits”. Some say it’s how “God” speaks to you. I call it “magic”. Much of the time, people won’t even realize that they’re doing things in a way that is completely organized on a higher level. They go about their lives, leaving behind traces of their presence that sometimes someone might find later on and put together into a greater whole that is interconnected with the rest of the universe.

Case in point: my strange Vicci Martinez parallelogram from my last post.

Hey, what are you doing, purple text?! There can be only ONE caption, got it? What’s that? You’re actually a “subtitle” and not a “caption”? Whatever.

Also, don’t forget the frighteningly bizarre right angle made by the “sailboat constellation”:

I don't understand what your "subtitle" is saying. Do you mean: “here is a right angle orientated symmetrically along the north/south pole axis overlayed on the constellation”, Mr. Smarty-McSubtitle-pants?

Now that level of mathematical perfection doesn’t just happen by accident. Nor does it just keep on repeating itself willy-nilly in a predictable, sequential way if the universe is chaotic and random. And it’s not like my dad and I plotted out all the symmetry on the map before we moved to these places. No, we were guided by an unseen hand, and I am pretty sure that goes for the entire universe and each and every created thing. And it’s reasons like these that folks in the “conscious” truth-seeker community will give you to explain the material world as being made up of just consciousness and vibration.

Yup, that’s what they might tell you. The material world is an illusion, and it’s consciousness that gives rise to material reality, not the other way around. And that’s where “God” comes in, who breathes life into creation each moment so we can experience His love.

There’s now a scientific basis (in the non-establishment community, of course) for the need for God to exist, because the chaotic “universe-that-came-from-nothing” model is falling apart at the seams because it can’t support all this new data and these observations. The science of consciousness can only really be ridiculed and suppressed and censored by “peer review”, and a controlled corporate media platform, but that’s rapidly changing.

People are waking up.

I hope this isn’t too “conspiratorial” for you, but the facts are the facts, and the mainstream establishment just isn’t giving them to you. It’s up to people like me on our own platforms to be citizen journalists (or in my case a laid back satire/humorist blogger) in a media environment where people are told what to think by someone else. And what not to think. I learned this from a professor who studies media way back in 2009 that the media decides for us what “news” is.

When the stars align

I’m arguing that what I’m showing you with these circumstances on the map is not an accidental fluke, but signs of a greater Intelligence and universal mind. These here alignments, which are more comprehensive and inclusive than just ley lines, may yield so much potential to systematically identify people and places of significance in an observer’s life that I felt it necessary to give the study of it a proper name: cartograstrology. It borrows from the words cartography— or map making— and astrology, which is the study of the stars and heavenly bodies and their impact on human affairs. So, cartograstrology is the study of the “stars”, be them natural or artificial places, mapping them as they relate to the observer, and then take subsequent steps that can identify larger patterns (constellations) to help find guidance, make meaningful decisions or observations, or just have fun and be inspired by the wonders of an intelligent universe.

Taking into consideration that so far I’ve developed cartograstrology from looking at only my own “map”, I would have to say that this scientific-sounding “-ology” could really benefit from other people’s interactions with it so I don’t have to present it in such a satirical way. There are profound implications here!

To demonstrate just how systematic it is in uncovering hidden gems for those who dig into it, check out this graphic:

I bet you're going to call me Illuminati, now, aren't you?

See the fractal pattern emerge with that purple triangle? Incredible! Let’s call this the “Tacoma Triangle”. (copyright!)

Following a pattern of logic, you’d think there’d be something that would align with that last part of the sequence annotated with a “?”. According to cartograstrology, something is likely to be waiting for you to discover and fit into the sequence. When rotating the purple Tacoma-shaped triangle until a side aligns with one of the lines of the sailboat constellation, there are roads and bridges or intellectual points of interest that run parallel with at least one other side, which humans put there. For whatever reason they put those the way they are, whether they were aware of the patterns or not.

There’s now a missing piece of the puzzle. Because all is consciousness, and because I’m aware of this missing piece and therefore it exists, it must exist for a purpose, right?

So, as with any scientific endeavor, when a hypothesis is formed, there’s a process involved and it follows a series of steps. For example, if it involved fossils, you’d dig a layer deeper; stars, you’d examine the spectral lines. In cartograstrology, you look at people, yourself and others, and the intellectual connections to them on a map.

In the case of this “sailboat” comprising a few key “stars” being tied to Vicci, I’ll look there.

Remember back in November I was listening to Lindsey Stirling Radio on my Pandora when “The Arena” came on? I don’t purchase albums very often, but my intuition was telling me it’s time to buy her music instead of just being around when the songs come on the radio. When I delved into the album and looked a bit closer to the song “We Are Giants”, I realized, Wow, all these years I’ve heard this song on Pandora I never noticed that the singer and collaborator, Dia Frampton, knew Vicci from The Voice!

I read Dia’s media blog and saw the parallels in our lives: we both work in food service as our day jobs but have big dreams, we both have an older sibling we share a lot of memories with (“Gold and Silver” kills me!), to name a few. I ended up buying Dia Frampton’s albums as well.

My path along a cartograstrological alignment has brought me to this album

The parallels I was looking for were to be found in one particular song that had “bowtie” in the lyrics. At this stage, anything bowtie-related is going to get my attention. So the search was on.

The "R" and "N" are to scale, taken from the album cover (inset)

The stylized “R” and “N” from her album cover fit into the square on the map made by the intersections of Pearl Street and Orchard Street going north and south, 6th Avenue and South 12th Street going east and west. The arc in the “R” goes exactly halfway across the square, and the “N” fits in there perfectly. The diagonal line of the “R” also aligns perfectly with the side of the triangle, and the “R” also stops right on that infamous circle from my previous post. In summary, the proportions and features of that “R” and “N” are perfect in relation to these streets and the Tacoma Triangle. It’s as if the universe was instructing the graphic designer at Universal Republic Records (did you catch that parallel? Did you!?) through the creative process so that someone could get something out of this later.

Okay, cartograstrology: let’s use what we’re learning and find those missing pieces! Now where does that uniquely stylized “A” fit in?

The purple lines are straight, and show how the bars on the "A" are not straight but look more like the streets in Tacoma

The "A" on the album cover is not wide enough for the bars to fit across the streets of Tacoma nicely. Sometimes the data you obtain doesn't fit, and when this happens in the scientific establishment instead of changing the books to fit the data, they change the data to make it fit what's already been accepted. Or they just throw out the data. Not here!

Since I don't wanna make another rotating triangle GIF graphic, imagine the purple triangle rotating and fitting snug between the R and the A, okay?

The “A” has two bars, with a slight curve on the right side, as illustrated, much like 6th and 12th veer to the north a bit going east. The parallelogram runs along those streets, so when you take that “A” and stretch it a bit to align with those streets, guess what? The angle of the “A” will align with the purple triangle, and you’ll get something that resembles the “FR” stylization on the album cover! Okay, speaking of stretching, maybe that was a stretch. But so far, you gotta admit, there are many parallels here.

As for Dia Frampton, she’s since become a favorite of mine. I remember when I first heard the track “Shatter Me” on Pandora in 2014, and my initial response was, Wow, Lindsey Stirling found some inspiration! It would remind me of when I first heard “Angel” as a new Vicci fan. Dia is credited as a writer for Shatter Me. Nice work, Dia!

So, if cartograstrology is good for anything, it’s helping me discover new artists I like. Because seriously, there are like a million artists out there and I can’t listen to them all!

Cartograstrological Side Effects

Another music video I’m jealous about is Lindsey’s music video for her Shatter Me track “Heist”. I couldn’t have envisioned a better music video for this song myself! It would be a travesty if I didn’t mention it on my video game blog, especially since I should point out some issues you might have with this new eye for wanting to find patterns in the mundane.

A side effect, I’m finding, is that now every time I see a triangle, especially rotating ones, I think, Ooh, is there a cartograstrological synchronicity waiting for me to discover?! And then I go and open up Inkscape or Chrome and “check the map.” It can get overbearing.

Case in point: this music video features Lindsey Stirling’s “rotating triangle power attack” unleashed by a violin power-up in the coin-operated arcade game she is inside. It’s got all the lead-ons: Lindsey Stirling: check. In a video game: check. Rotating triangles: check.

No, Lindsey Stirling is NOT Illuminati, either, you paranoid conspiracy theorists!

In the initial shot of this awesome power attack, Lindsey’s rotating triangle beam is coming straight at the camera and is made up of equilateral triangles. The shot pictured in the graphic is the second shot to feature the beam coming towards the camera, but the beam is off to the side, so the triangles in the front of the string don’t appear equilateral due to perspective. Well, what are their dimensions, now?

Pay attention to the white triangle I outlined

You again!?

As you can see, the triangle beam and the Tacoma Triangle are so similar that the differences are marginal, and I could have used either one in my the animated GIF from my previous post showing the parallel geography and infrastructure.

Does this mean that Lindsey Stirling is keen on the cartograstrology? You’ll have to ask her that question.

My next example is another favorite music video of mine that I’m equally jealous about: “Take Flight”.

Take a gander at these gems:

Yup, that’s not just a lamp in the crisscross shape of a bowtie-- it’s a rotating bowtie lamp! 

Intriguing row boat, yes, but I’d be more impressed if it were a sailboat.


So there you have it. If you’ve read this far and are intrigued by the sailboat constellation and all the parallels that cartograstrology has to offer, you’ve been warned. You might start seeing parallels everywhere and in everything, because it’s all connected, man!



Why I always keep my receipts

I was going through some old Vicci Martinez merchandise from 2007, remembering the time I went to a show and bought her live DVD album. I got back this receipt:

Yes, I still have the receipt, though I’m sure the warranty has long since expired on this purchase

The address on the receipt had a street name that reminded me of my childhood neighborhood in the West End of Tacoma.

Woodlawn was a few streets down from my street, Shirley. I got a little nostalgic and looked at where this address was on the map.

Then I noticed something really interesting. I compared the distances between my childhood home and the house I was living in at the time in 2007 on South 12th Street with this receipt address.

1.62 miles or 2.61 kilometers. The same numbers in both units? It’s a sign!

The distances are exact right down to their respective doorsteps. Would you believe that? Also, both houses had “33” in the address. 2633 North Shirley Street, and 3315 South 12th Street: xx33 and 33xx. Strangely also, the numbers did similar reversals when looking at the distance units: 1.62 miles and 2.61 kilometers. Interesting how there are these repeating relationships between these figures.

Back then, I had no idea that such things like this were possible in what I thought to be a random, chaotic universe. It was here, back in the spring of 2007 that I was discovering in a personal and meaningful way that the universe is much more organized and interconnected than the mainstream scientific establishment will have you believe.

And I was just getting started!

I put other places on the map, too, such as where I was working at the time, the location of Jazzbones where I bought the merchandise, just to name a few.

Wait— is that… a parallelogram?

Yup, sure is! A nearly perfect parallelogram.

From that little piece of thermal paper I’ve discovered that I can draw a circle around its address on the map, and the edge of that circle will pass through two points of significance in Tacoma. Also, adding two more points— the place where I met Vicci (at work serving tables) and her workplace (Jazzbones playing a gig)— will make a nearly perfect parallelogram!

The odds of this just being total coincidence would have to be astronomical! I never actually spoke to Vicci about this directly. What exactly would I say?

“Hi, Vicci! The, um, stars on the map have spoken. The constellation says… a sailboat. Yup. Cool DVD, by the way!” Also, the path from the Shirley house to the S 12th St house to Jazzbones makes a right-angle turn.

Whoa… connect the dots!

Remember the “End of Days Line” from my previous post? Here’s a recap: If you use Google Maps’ “measure distance” tool by right-clicking on the map, you can get accurate distances measured along a path across the globe (not flat disk, sorry). I showed that by starting a path on one end at Cape Infanta, South Africa and placing the other end on Days Island in Tacoma, you get a distance of 16,666 kilometers, among other things.

If you place our “sailboat constellation” over that line, you will see that it passes through two of her places on the map.

“End of Days Line” passes by Jazzbones as I mentioned in an earlier post, and also by the address on the receipt I got from buying the DVD at Jazzbones in 2007. 

Have you noticed that the “sail” line from the Shirley street house to the 12th street house runs parallel to the two (parallel) Narrows bridges? Is there a pattern emerging here? So let’s extend this line further, shall we?

Stop right there! I’ve been to this spot on Google Maps before…

So this line— beginning in Tacoma— goes to Mexico City where it intersects with another ley line from my previous post I called “The Longsword of Saint Michael” that goes to Haifa, Israel.

So, putting it all together, now: when you begin on ShirLEY (see what I did there? Or was it the Universe that put the “ley” in Shirley?) and follow the line to Mexico City, then turn and follow St. Michael’s Longsword ley line to Haifa, and then turn south to Cape Infanta, and then turn again back West to Boston and finally Tacoma; you’ll come back through the constellation and it’ll look like this:

That right triangle, though...

That’s one big bowtie.

Check out that global “bowtie”! What’s even more fascinating is in Tacoma where this path begins and ends there is a smaller bowtie.

Fractal bowties within large bowties on the map? And that orange triangle is 90 degrees! Mind blown. All from a dang receipt!

In conclusion, the universe– speaking to me through this receipt– is telling me the following things:

  • Everything is connected. Words, letters, words within words, streets, numbers, angles, shapes, lines, bowties, people, everything. Look for patterns and synchronicities.
  • This has been revealed to you because you are the Chosen One.
  • Just kidding, don’t overthink it. There are no ‘chosen ones’… I think… wait, are there? Who knows. I’m not overthinking, I’m assessing. There’s a difference. Regardless, if there is, it’s not you, loser.
  • Parallels are awesome. Look at and identify them whenever possible. They will reveal other things.
  • Opposing triangles and crisscrossing lines make bowties. Pay attention to them. Actually, pay attention to all kinds of corresponding shapes. Not just because of that Ben Gibbard song.
  • Also pay attention to symmetrical/mirrored shapes, too, because bowties usually fit into that category unless they’re lopsided like these examples above, and if so then defer back to the correspondence idea from before.
  • I said don’t overthink it!
  • Buy a sailboat for Vicci Martinez and give it to her at her next show.
  • Do not test out the sailboat first before you give it to her because you’ll want to keep it for yourself.
  • You may give her a model sailboat instead of a real one.
  • You don’t have to give her anything, actually. She should give one to you. After all, you’ve been a good supporter of her music and career. Mostly.
  • Don’t tell anyone about the other DVD. You know the one. You don’t? Neither do I. I don’t even know what I’m talking about. I must be overthinking again– yes, that’s it!

Thus the receipt of the universe has spoken.

Dear “somebody”,

I hope this letter finds you well!

And hello dad! And hello to whomever else among family and friends that I have shared this little secret with regarding a certain well-known public figure whom I’ve claimed knows all about a certain personal story about me, along with the media content that I created and letters I wrote that go along with it. I guess this letter is for those imaginary friends I seem to believe aren’t just in my head. They’re actually reading this, honest! But really, I have nothing to lose, so what’s a little humiliation?

It’s getting closer to Valentine’s Day, you know. The last few months my mind has been very busy processing all the incredible layers to this revelation— the good, the not-so-good, and the not-so-pretty. In any great story there’s always conflict, but the greatest is usually from within, so best not let myself get attached to any expectations or end result, though, because it still “remains” to be seen, after all, what will come of this. I have to be honest— some mornings I have woken up wondering if I should just say nothing and forget this whole thing— again— like what I did a decade ago. It would be so much easier on my li’l heart not having to wonder what am I supposed to do next?

A year ago I revisited this story from my past in my homesick condition, contemplated what I “didn’t say” all those years ago, and how it might have affected a certain person. I missed a few things back then and over the years (and wasn’t looking to find them out, either), and I would come to feel some regret for the first time in my life after seeing her again for the first time last year since New Year’s Eve 2010.

[begin flashback scene]

I can’t forget that scene of getting to the show early, me approaching her and getting ignored, then tapping her on the shoulder as she walked away while calling her name until she finally stopped and turned around to make eye contact. Then that generic greeting and wet noodle handshake. I would congratulate her on her progress in her sobriety before she would break away, then I’d return to my bar stool in the all-ages section and realize that I underestimated the effect on her I had. She would disappear until the show started, leaving her mother confused when she arrived as to why she couldn’t find her, even asking her son-in-law where she was… I wasn’t trying to collect this information, but it would become yet another classic episode I’ve experienced a dozen times before when the things I needed to know would just manifest without effort. From a distance.

I learned something from all of this. I tricked myself back then into believing that she didn’t actually care, because why would she? Even though I saw through the veil, I let doubt dictate my inaction, so I didn’t think I needed to say the words to bring closure. I have now seen the aftermath, so this time, with you, I won’t make the same mistake.

So if you’re reading this, know that I am hoping to meet you in the middle. The only problem is that I don’t know where the middle is! I’m going to need a little help here, so feel free to drop me a line.

This concludes my, um, romantic Valentine’s Day letter to you.

And now to sign this letter with a quote from my religion:

Say: He is not to be numbered with the people of Bahá who followeth his mundane desires, or fixeth his heart on things of the earth. He is My true follower who, if he come to a valley of pure gold, will pass straight through it aloof as a cloud, and will neither turn back, nor pause. Such a man is, assuredly, of Me. From his garment the Concourse on high can inhale the fragrance of sanctity.… And if he met the fairest and most comely of women, he would not feel his heart seduced by the least shadow of desire for her beauty. Such a one, indeed, is the creation of spotless chastity. Thus instructeth you the Pen of the Ancient of Days, as bidden by your Lord, the Almighty, the All-Bountiful.


My Christmas Road Trip

Each year I would usually go to my oldest brother’s house to celebrate Christmas and open gifts with the whole family, but it wasn’t happening this year because of the divorce. Sad face.

I wasn’t near family for the last two years because of Denver, but I’m usually quite content and independent so I’m not irked about it, plus my coworkers and roommates were my substitute family.

This year I woke up inside a tent on Christmas morning to the sound of nature and not a soul around. And at 7000 feet altitude! I found the spot on Google Maps beforehand and read the comments to be sure it would be suitable for my little car to get to. There was a four-mile dirt road I would need to traverse in the dark which would feel like a thousand speed bumps and an eternity, but a commenter said a sedan could do it, so I was assured.

As I made my approach in the dark of night, I was stoked to be doing this kind of adventure again like I had done in 2011 on my mountain bike in Hood River, Oregon. When I stepped out into the crisp mountain air and looked around, I was seized for a moment by a sense of isolation and remoteness, but instead of it being coupled with excitement, I began to feel lonely and maybe even a bit afraid.

That is most certainly not what I was expecting to feel. Those thoughts flooded my mind of me taking a path in life where I become one of those perpetually single guys who gets a camper and just roams from place to place alone.

I’m loving my first-ever solitary camping road trip, but those thoughts that I might become that hermit in the woods with only his thoughts and little projects to keep him company is a frightening notion. I’ll always love being a member of a community and putting myself in the path of others in service, but at 34 years old and having never been in a serious relationship before and not being bothered by that fact? I’m running out of time, and there’s a good chance I could end up being that old man alone in the woods.

I was quite bothered by that thought, indeed. Thank God!

Of Tacoma, Fallout, and Ley Lines

Have you ever heard of “ley lines”?

It’s not very surprising that this phenomena exists, actually, as science has already demonstrated that a field of consciousness exists all around us— as a singularity— well beyond the cranium of humans, and demonstrably proves that the human mind can affect the physical universe, thanks to groundbreaking experiments such as the infamous double-slit experiment and others. (Check out Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock for more about this. DISCLAIMER: I don’t share DW’s philosophical views, but the scientific data points speak for themselves.)

If you’re like me, then you know there is a Great Being that rules over the universe, has His own Will, and creates order and perfection throughout the cosmos that we owe our existence to. Most, including myself, will usually refer to Him by His many names, while others simply choose to use the term “universe” so as to not put up barriers. I use them interchangeably based on my audience, but I usually mean the same thing.

The thing to consider is that every little thing, be it an idea or a physical object, does not exist by chance nor is there really such thing as “coincidence”. In the study of metaphysics, all is connected one way or another, and nothing happens by accident. When observing a phenomenon such as ley lines, one can only marvel at how precise the universe is structured according to what appears to be a higher intelligence that truly is “beyond the veil” of our limited knowledge.  

A note about modern-day ley line observing: Google Maps changes the game with their “measure distance” tool. You see, the lines here aren’t drawn straight— they’re adjusted to compensate for the curvature of the Earth (flat-earthers, you can stop reading now).

With this in mind, go back to that Wikipedia page with the image of the “Sword of St. Michael” and try to recreate it in Google Maps. See what happens?

The Sword of Saint Michael is shaped more like a scimitar.

Keep extending the Sword of St. Michael until it becomes more like a tachi, drop its end where the most stuff lines up, and you get this:

Eat your heart out, David Wilcock!

It passes right through the major cities of the east coast of the US: Boston, New York, and Washington D.C. These are pretty significant cities in “the West” (A side note: as I was researching ley lines on Wikipedia while drafting this post in October, I discovered this incredible ley line).

Keep going further down the line and you’ll end up on the west coast of Mexico.

Since this is technically a video game blog, you should also know that Washington D.C. was the setting of my favorite game Fallout 3, and Boston for my most favorite game Fallout 4

So, where am I going with this? In October I posted about a local artist in Tacoma who seems to have embedded a ley line in her music video. When I extended it further, I found it rather striking:

Ley line from my previous post

Extending this line east from Tacoma already shows some interesting features.

So, how to decide where exactly to drop the point of the line? Since the principle behind this phenomena is interconnectedness, how about a spot with meaningful significance? “Cape Infanta”— like a baby starting life “unable to speak”— the line begins here. And look at how nicely the line hugs the rocky coastline…

Now, since it would be more meaningful to begin at Cape Infanta, let’s return to Tacoma, then extend that line west..

Stop right there! 16,666 kilometers?! That would be an ominous sign, but here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. we use miles. So let’s just move on..
(No offense to any readers who have lived or are currently living on Day Island)

Okay, now we have a line that goes from East to West. If we begin from the East and go West — like the sun travels across the sky— we can end it at Days Island at an interesting distance of 16,666 kilometers!

So, let’s get this straight (or curved): this ley line begins in South Africa, and on Days Island it ends with “666” in the measured distance. What does all this suggest this line should be called?

The “End of Days” Line!!!

Shit just got real. (I really don’t swear that often, but I think is appropriate here)

So, what happens when you combine both the Longsword of Saint Michael and The End of Days Line?

X marks the spot. Click for larger image.

Concord. Red square is site of Old North Bridge. Red circle is Concord Museum.
Old North Bridge in Concord. Street view.

Old North Bridge in Sanctuary Hills, Commonwealth (from Fallout 4).
Museum of Freedom, Concord, Commonwealth (Fallout 4).

Extra credit: go and see for yourself where Fallout 4 was developed in relation to these ley lines, but before you do that, go ahead and see what else is on these lines in relation to Fallout 4. It should only take a minute, man! 

Well this explains why I’ve been so obsessed with Fallout 4 when it came out.

One day I hope to make a gamer’s pilgrimage of sorts to Boston and Concord. But not before I get a hold of that blue vault 111 jumpsuit!

So, does the post-apocalyptic theme of this game bear any metaphysical relationship to the End of Days and these ley lines? I sure hope not, but if so, maybe this is the universe’s way of telling me that there will be many settlements that will need my help!

Time for me to get a job

The time is nigh and my little sabbatical since April is coming to a close. The signs are manifest. Money is dwindling in my bank account and I’m running out of classic games to sell on eBay. There is a large cherry tree in my parents’ backyard with all but a few yellowed leaves fallen. Yup, that’s the universe again, talking through metaphor.

Something tells me that I won’t be needing to apply for that job in the health food store deli, stocking the buffet with my expertise in that area of food service. As much as I enjoy having a such a humble occupation and existence, I’m feeling increasingly inspired for something that capitalizes on my other potentialities.

As a newly self-identified “Stirlingite”, or fan of Lindsey Stirling’s YouTube channel, and seeing what I saw on the finals of Dancing With The Stars (did that freestyle with the violin really happen?!), I say to myself, Gosh, look at that. Total redemption and victory on so many levels! They once told her “no”, yet she did it anyway, and achieved perfection. And at the astonishment of even the hosts!

Seeing this story play out has been very inspiring. What can I learn from this that can be put into action in my own life? I have already mastered the occupation of the vegan sous chef. What avenues are there from which I can pursue with others that continues to develop my creative potential? What does that next step entail?

In my previous job stints, I have usually assumed the role of the “expert assistant”, as my previous employer called me. In my favorite books by Austin Kleon, Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work!, his advice is to “stand next to the talent in the room.” If there was a dream job, it would be standing next to Lindsey to watch what she does and do what she tells me to do. Heck, I’d even move to LA and drive the tour bus!

It’s too bad those Seattle L.S. tickets for Dec. 16 went so fast! I’d go there and hand her a resume. I guess one can only dream at this point, but sometimes the universe opens the door.

Thank you

I just want to say that I’m extremely honored to have been a part of your creative process. What wonder at how connected we all are!

And don’t worry– no “analysis” posts or videos from me. My lips are sealed! And I hope you two can mend your friendship.

To cement a tradition of awkward gift-giving from a fan, I would like to offer you a gift for Christmas! It’s only two of a kind: I made both of them ten years ago in June. Gave one to someone and kept a copy for myself. It was well-received! I’d be honored to give it to you someday. For what it’s worth.

Again, thank you so much (everyone!) for this experience!

So much love!