Anybody out there? ​

I’m happy to say that this blog has reached the height of its intended purpose. All the dots are connected, the arguments put forth, and sealed with the stamp of a link to Nassim Haramein’s “The Connected Universe” film to tie it all together. I’ve learned a thing or two about how the magic works, and I know that when it’s the right time, people will find it. It’s here, but are they even looking?

Now I’m scratching my head and asking, “where is everybody?”

Surely if I were really on to something here, and all this content I’ve shared thus far was not just a mystical wild goose chase into the imagination spanning ten plus years, then something would materialize.

But it’s eerily silent.

Even in my own circle of friends and family, nobody has yet said to me, “I read your blog. Neat content! What a wonder it is! How interesting! This evidence of a connected universe needs to be spread to others!” Not a word. Not from wanderers reading my posts on Twitter or Instagram who followed the links here, either. And life just goes on in The Matrix.

Self-promotion is not really my thing, but something brought me this far along this path, and I aim to find out where it’s all going. If this is going to lead me into some kind of ascendance in the public arena to raise awareness of the wider spectrum of reality not being told to you by the establishment, then it’s going to begin with a spark of interest from a few within my own microcosm and on to a bigger stage from there. This blog’s content is invariably going to get some resistance because it bridges the gap between religion and science while tearing down old and outmoded walls of thinking. That’ll leave anyone perturbed and vulnerable, but don’t we want the truth?

Microcosm to macrocosm

I have identified a few figures that I’ve got my eyes on who should be able to pierce the veil and see that the only thing standing between them and a unified vision of everything with a self-existing God in the center who is conscious of His creation is the veil of their own imaginings. If they aren’t looking at this blog by now, they probably soon will.

C. W. Chanter seems to have made a “response” to my post with his “Black Magick of Social Media” series on his YouTube channel, but on his September 21st broadcast his frustrations at the nonsense of the claimants in the metaphysical/disclosure community had boiled over. He even mentioned he’s gonna have a heart attack! (I honestly can’t be sure if he read my Rnot-Anon posts before livestreaming the series. What if he has no idea I called it and then he discovers my post, dated days before his first B.M.S.M video and freaks out?!) I won’t be responsible if he loses his shit from learning about this foresight, claiming black magic[k] because of his idols of satanic fancy! It’s all connected, and that’s the way it goes, baby!

And there’s Jordan Sather with his Trump and QAnon support which are his hopes and dreams of something indicating a divine plan, which is fine and probably a good thing. Given the preaching he does for Ascension and removing the shackles that bind, he would be the ideal mind to understand that there is another answer to cosmic consciousness other than an Infinite Creator who created itself by impossible means by an imperfect Identity that can’t know an apple from the infinite possibilities in its unfractalized state because that knowledge was uncreated. Not to mention that in that Identity state it is not all-powerful, either, because it couldn’t know creation without fractalizing first (and where did it get the power to do that?). Cosmic consciousness is real, but Source is limited and powerless? And this is the only rational conclusion? (I’m not criticizing if I’m stating a logical fallacy! A creator is always above his creation— never on the same level. Otherwise we humans could create a universe within this one along with artificial human souls in it that are our equals. Not possible. The surrounded cannot encompass that which surrounds it, the imperfect artist can’t create a perfect masterpiece.)

And where is David? Good grief. There is no excuse for you guys to be this uninformed when you have the all the knowledge and discernment in your pockets thanks to this age of Internet and smartphones! “The Age of Authenticity” indeed!

This world, I tell ya!

When I contemplate the world I live in on the inside and look at the world around me, I need to find reconciliation because the two are night and day, I tell ya!

I have reservations about dealing with the world we live in beyond a basic existence, especially when we have veered way off course as a civilization as we have. The mystic path is for me until the world gets on the true path of spiritual and material progress. There are times I just feel like I’ve given up the ghost and pray for the good Lord to take me up. Though that likely won’t happen (unless I’m the “favored damsel” foretold by Baha’u’llah in the Tablet of the Holy Mariner, in which case I’d be a big test for the faithful, but hell – I’d take anything at this point to see humanity move past these roadblocks!).

So now that I’m at my wits end here with nothing to lose, why not take a few chances and risk some good old fashioned rejection and humiliation? I’d take that, too.

Maybe I should just straight up ask Dia Frampton if she knows something?

Well, if you really ARE reading this and you know what it would mean, then maybe this can be a kick in the pants?

I’d love to just send out that Tweet, get an answer or non-answer and be done with this perplexity so I can leave it all behind. Then I can go back to my slumber with a food service job to enable me to play video games, while saving up for that camper to live out my days in until I finally get the good news that the messenger of joy known as death is here to grant me release from this prison-cage of bondage that is the flesh upon the dust heap that is the material world.

Not to end on a downer or anything, but this story is either going to reach an apex for all to see and wonder at, or come crashing down on my head. Whatever it takes to get there.


Trip code change

We be trippin’.
Your turn, Chanter.

How’s your VACatION?
Do your eyes deceive you?
This ain’t no black magic.
Microcosm to macrocosm.
All the dots connect, baby.
I have the video.
Ya know what I mean?
What does your religion teach about UNITY?
It is what it is!

Cognitive dissonance or cognitive resonance?
You are a case study.

I love you ALL.

Enjoy the ride.


Here’s your pizza, David. Hop in!

Let me be clear about something. I love David Wilcock. I think he is going to go down in history as a legendary researcher and compiler of obscure, esoteric, and hidden scientific knowledge that will endure, lead us into the future, and rewrite our science books. His current spiritual teachings and philosophical legacy, however, I believe, will mar his immortalized image as a researcher while cementing the taunts he endured as a boy from his schoolyard antagonizers like a fulfilled prophecy:

That’s David. He’s so smart he’s dumb!

Two years ago I got my pre-ordered copy of The Ascension Mysteries and paused my games for a weekend to binge-read it and it was very memorable. I enjoyed his stories from his childhood, and that above quote made me laugh so hard. I appreciate him being humble enough to include it.

I want him to be immortalized as a hero that stood for truth and justice, but ultimately I feel he is buying into false idols of his imagination; a man who was brilliant, but foolish. Fortunately, he is only in his forties so he can still cast away those veils.

Every age has idols. Millennia ago they were pagan gods or statues or certain rulers. Today, these idols are celebrities, or ideas and conceptions of divinity that have a modern appeal but are still imaginings or conceptions from the fallible mind of man. In the case of David Wilcock, the idol in question is the concept of an Infinite Creator found in the Law of One material.

The question-and-answer sessions, also known as the Ra Material, were channeled in through a human medium in the early 80’s coming from Ra, a “humble messenger of the Law of One”, and more channelings were done by David more recently. My first time visiting his site Divine Cosmos in 2009 brought me to his blog where I read a transcript of his channeling, and I immediately lost interest in going back. Call it cognitive dissonance.

I found his sciencey stuff interesting, so I gave him another try and was not disappointed. His TV show on the Gaia network has been a favorite of mine for 5 years.

Some of his “prophetic” predictions that came in through documenting and interpreting his dreams, such as the Fukushima disaster, are worth noting. I’d say he’s earned his title of being a seer. However, he is also notorious for his failed 2012 predictions of a worldwide dimensional shift that would thrust us into a pre-built new world 100 times more harmonious than our current one, but has found himself a plausible explanation for why it failed to happen, thanks to the “insider’s insider” Corey Goode, whose claim to true facts of being humanity’s sole diplomatic liaison to extraterrestrials (of which include the authors of the Law of One material who take the form of a sixth “density” race of blue-plumed humanoid bird people called the Blue Avians) are backed by way of a “take my word for it.” The reason for the 2012 dud that was given is that humanity wasn’t ready for Ascension yet, so the Sphere Being Alliance came into the solar system with a hundred spherical ships and intervened to give us more time to grow spiritually before allowing the big “solar flash” to take place. (The ships have left, by the way)

Fair enough.

Now, I know what it’s like to have a story that seems unbelievable. I mean, look at the content on this here blog, for gosh sakes! What is NOT needed here, however, is the whole “take my word for it” part. The beauty of the content I’ve created here is that you can take the data points I’m offering and you can connect the dots yourself, and I can feel free to discredit myself with silly and sarcastic commentary all day long and you’d have only yourself to blame for not doing the work to see for yourself. See how awesome of a position I’m in here?

Currently, David is making more claims stemming from his remote-viewing sessions and recorded dreams over the course of decades in conjunction with numerous “high level insiders” of an imminent takedown of the Deep State Cabal. Finally! The final boss will have been defeated by the heroes of the cosmos, and humanity will be set free, and we will have our long-awaited renaissance of art and culture in a Star Trek-like post-disclosure inter-planetary civilization when the tyrannical elite rulers controlling the government, academic, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and entertainment establishments (among others) are all arrested in one fell swoop.

Only problem I’m having, though, is that we have heard it all before.

But what about the QAnon drops? What about our inner knowingness and the outward signs of a defective world order convulsing due to the contractions of the pregnant times we are in that suggest— nay, insist: THE VEIL IS LIFTING!? Heck, even I am believing that things are accelerating as of late (Not sure about the QAnon thing. Accredited journalists claimed to have identified and interviewed the original creators of the group acting as a LARP, or live-action role-players).

Truth is outing itself, right? It’s God’s plan entering into a major phase of transformation: the countdown is commencing with milliseconds left, happening precisely at the striking of the hour.


I trust my heart, but my brain is telling me I’ll believe it when I see it.

We are now at the part of the game where either something big happens, or it doesn’t. There’s either a climax followed with a resolution, or it drags on forever, leaving the players (such as myself) bored and wanting to play something else. In David’s case, likewise, he is approaching a cliff that, if he falls, his career will not be able to return to the surface from the abyss.

Then it’s Game Over.

So… if David has got his prophetic remote-viewing abilities locked on target, his insiders are on point, QAnon is not a fraud, and his most recent post is indeed true: count on tough times in the coming weeks.

Just as “the hour is darkest before the dawn”, the end of the year will bring the first light of a new day, and we will be living in a new world freed from the vice grip of a satanic Cabal that has had its control grid in place on an enslaved mankind for literally millennia.

However, if QAnon proves (yet again) to have provided false intel and no mass arrests indeed take place soon, as strongly indicated by David “Wow” Wilcock and his insiders (notwithstanding his Ascension failed to happen TWICE now), count on him being irreconcilably discredited. No more excuses from unprovable sources like Goode and friends. No more pointlessly long-winded and baseless articles that yield high hopes but disappoint and mislead well-meaning and concerned readers.

At least in my view.

So this is it, David. I know you must be feeling the pressure. You mean well, and I believe that you sincerely believe that what you believe is true. Reincarnation, Ascension, god-like super powers such as levitation and the like awaiting those of us who are 51% nice, angelic extraterrestrial humans giving you visions, insight, and wisdom because somehow it happened that way or you are just gifted or had the right mix of karma, or you are Edgar Cayce reincarnated – I dunno!

I get it.

And I honestly don’t care if you’re right about your One Infinite Creator, and that all there is is Identity that decided it was tired of being bored all by its lonesome and thus fractionated into Intelligent Energy so it could experience itself for amusement, all while I’m wrong about my One True God of all the world’s major religions, having no other explanation as to how this Universal Educator came to possess such a matchless utterance in the face of every manner of persecution, exile, and imprisonment while establishing His religion in every region of the earth unhindered. I just want the truth. I’m quite certain about my belief, however, but aren’t we all?

I can’t help but think that maybe you’re sore tried and afflicted as you read this. I know you’re sensitive to criticism, oftentimes calling critics straight up “haters”. I hope you don’t throw that label on me for speaking my heart and mind, because I certainly am not trying to serve up the “hatorade”.

Maybe you know that the veil is getting thinner and the Law of One just isn’t likely going to reach that critical mass because it’s basically impossible to understand due to its cryptic nature, and therefore inaccessible to most people without a guide, and maybe there is something to be said about how one’s own experience can be so utterly profound while imparting certitude upon the individual believing their experience to be absolute truth, yet possess a slightly diverging paradigm to his or her neighbor’s own profound experience of truth. Is everything all just relative truth? Is there no absolute truth? Sorry, my bias got me carried away. I get cognitive dissonance, too, you know.

So what are you gonna do about this conundrum?

Guess what, David? I may be able to help you. And it’s right there in your own handwriting! Yup, dated right around when it all began: November 30, 1996: seventeen years before your Gaiam TV announcement. And it uses some themes that I’ve developed on this here blog.

So, shall we play a game?

Dig a little deeper

What have we learned about the fractal nature of the universe around us? How does this universal intelligence manifest itself, however unintentionally on our behalf, even in our own writing?

Remember ARCARION from my previous post? I didn’t know about all those fractal layers embedded in my alias that spelt out everything. I discovered it by over-interpreting some music.

Your notebook’s entry you made while in a deep trance in 1996 about “Art Bell doing yoga” is a very interesting piece of writing. It’s got magic written all over it.

I went a bit deeper and analyzed some inner significances of the individual letters of your writing, as well as made my own interpretation of your “data” based on my own experiences that I’ve laid out in my previous posts. And guess what? There seems to be a pattern of coherence in what it could be saying!

Instead of posting the snapshot of the notebook page without permission, I’m going to just type it out. Fair use!


You’re probably one of very few people in the club who can understand the Ra Material. You’re fat enough in the mouth – you need to wash it down. Up against the wall – now you’re looking for it. It reminds me of when we would touch base before you went on a diet.

Establish your horizons and ask yourself a question: Do I like to sit in school? You can pick an answer. If no, start to study. Take notes.

There is no need for a planned sacrifice. Apples and oranges can be a pair, you know. If that lands national. Saturn returns – it can’t possibly be. Homeopathic TV. Think of Art Bell doing yoga. Maybe something will come of it – maybe some other time. Another period of snow before vacation – you can come inside. Don’t be a slave. Slaves do the work of many for the pay of few. It’s easy to latch on to that feeling of powerlessness. Don’t worry – we have some crazy little dreams waiting for you.

The following weekend, we’re going to have a special function. (diet) Hop in for pizza. What you eat is you, you *now. So is angioplasty.

And now, some ‘crumby’ drops from Rnot-Anon:

Let’s get started. Original text is bold and indented. I’ve made some modifications to the original text.

You’re pRo|bab|Ly one of VeRy Few peopLe in the club who can understand the Ra Material.

What is a “bab”?
Why emphasis on R, L, V, and F?
What club?
Which Ra?

You’re fat enough in the mouth – you need to WASH IT dOwN.

You’ve said a lot over the years, and maybe you have bitten off more than you can chew?
What is WASH IT O N? A place, perhaps?
What letters are not capitalized?

Up against the wALL – now you’re looking for it.

What is a “wall”?
What is “it”? A “map”, perhaps?
What took you so long?

It reminds me of when we would touch base before you went on a diet.

Who’s “me” and “we”?
What else is a “diet”? A restriction of intake? Of words?

Establish your horIZONs and ask yourself a question: Do I like to sit in school?

I don’t like to sit in school. Boring. Nothing to learn. Do you?
How many horizons are there on the open ocean? Just one?

You can pick an answer.

I chose no. What did you choose?

If no, start to study. Take notes.

I studied and took notes. Not in school, that is. Gotta admit, was pretty freaked out by the end.

There is no need for a planned sacrifice.

Well that’s…. scary. Don’t know what to make of this one. Does it HAVE to mean a ritualistic human sacrifice? Or something lower for something higher at a specific time?

AppLes and oRAnges can be a pair, you know.

Oh really? Wouldn’t that be a dream. Well, she and I are a few ways “different”, but nothing is impossible.
Is there only one meaning here?

If that lands natIONal.

What’s this about “land” again? Country? Or landing?
What is the “-ION”, again?

Saturn returns – it can’t possibly be.

Oh yes it can! Wait— what? I don’t own a Saturn, so nope, can’t be a car.
A god?
A renewal?
Which day of the week was he?

Homeopathic TV. Think of Art Bell doing yoga.


Maybe something will come of it – maybe some other time.

Crazy when I think about it. Or are we still on the subject of Gaia TV?

Another period of snow before VAcatION – you can come inside.

There’s that “ION” again! But it’s after a .
What is a “snow-white spot”?
Tarry not.

Don’t be a slave. Slaves do the work of many for the pay of few. It’s easy to latch on to that feeling of powerlessness.

This one’s a real GEM.
Sorry about that, David. Not a funny matter.

Don’t worry – we have some crazy little dreams waiting for you.

Aww! Your deep-trance self has the best encouragement for you right now, you’ll see!

The following weekend, we’re GOING to have a special functION.

I considered capitalizing the “FUN” for— wait for it— no reason. HA!
What is a “function”? What action does it perform? Why are the “G”’s capitalized?

(diet) Hop in for pizza.

HOp IN fOR piZza

Still looking for that second “horizon”?
Do you like to sit in school?
Something tells me this isn’t about Pizzagate anymore.

Question: Why “hop” and not “jump”? Can’t “jump in” mean a “wild ride”, too?

Answer: Because “JUMP” won’t look like a sliced pizza, that’s why.

How do you spell HORIZON?
With a pizza.
Have some fruit with that.
Apples and oranges.
How do you slice them?
Think donuts and pizza.
Many meanings.

What you eat is you, you *now.

Still think this sentence has something to do with cannibalism?
What does this “pizza” have to do with “*now”?
Snow-white .

You have more than you know.
I’ve always wanted to say that.

Don’t have a heart attack.


What is in a name?

The title of this amazing blog post is from Shakespeare, but actually I’m not intentionally quoting from Romeo and Juliet to make a subtle suggestion that this post has a romantic connotation to anything. If you’ve been following my blog from the start (which you can read in its entirety in probably 20 minutes), you’ll find that each post builds upon the previous, and then you’ll see that people can do things that seem to connect to a larger metaphysical whole, intentional or not.

Remember the “cartograstrology constellation” of the “sailboat”? I pointed out that everything is interconnected and sometimes that “big picture” can reveal portions of itself at a certain time on someone’s path.

I’m giving this post this title because I’m asking a legitimate question: What is in a name? The answer: when viewing it with an eye for signs of a holographic fractal universe where the whole is contained in the part and everything is connected to everything else, a name can have contained in it more than ever imagined!

So let’s take a look at what is in my name: Rahmat A.K.A. Arcarion— the latter being my gaming handle or online alias.

A little background story: in 2003 when I was 19 I played an online roleplaying game called EverQuest Online Adventures for the PlayStation 2. When deciding what to name my character, I wanted a root alias consisting of a single syllable, knowing I would be called by that in the text box by default, and that root alias would span all of my created “toons”, or characters. I decided it was to be “Arc”. It sounded right to me and I didn’t give it any more thought.

I added a few more letters to it that gave it a fantasy feeling and “Arcarion” was born. When creating new characters, I’d start with the root “Arcarion” and change a letter or two (i.e. Arctarion, Arcarius, Arcurion, Arcturius, etc.) and lo! I had a character naming system!

In 2005 I decided I needed my own web domain, and I’d use it to post media creations and host files, thus was born. My vision was that it would one day be a huge success and inspire people with my amazing content. So if you are here and have been inspired by my media content— thanks! You’re making my original vision a reality!

Back to the present. I was listening to “Take Flight” by Lindsey Stirling and there’s this synthetic sounding voice that repeats something vague. With this new eye for observing holographic patterns in all things, my imagination seemed to want to hear it saying “are care”. Given the aforementioned parallels in her music video to the “sailboat” constellation on my cartograstrology map of Tacoma, there was a keen interest in what other gems I could dig up that the universe was hiding in the “holofractographic” fabric of all that is, especially with this Vicci-Dia-Lindsey trio of creators.

So, what is my imagination coming up with when I hear that voice in the song? Well, “are care” makes me think of ARCAR(ion), of course! A new rabbit hole to go down!

Since making this connection, the first thing I noticed is that in the word ARC you have an actual geometric arc. See it? It is the letter “C”! The word “arc” pictographically represents an actual arc, with the addition of the letters “ar”, and “ar” reversed is “ra”— the first two letters of my real name. So basically, these three letters are representing my real name mirrored in my root gaming alias. A holo-fractal handle? I didn’t notice before! Mind blown!

Consider that the word “arc” has a reversed— or mirrored— “ra” in it, just as you would imagine that my gaming handle Arcarion is a mirror of myself in the fantasy game world he is in. Taking it a step further, ARCAR has another “ar” in it, on the other side of the “c”, which, as we know, is a geometric arc. What properties does an arc have? Well, it’s symmetrical, for one. That means that half of it mirrors the other half. How can you figure this into the picture? Read it this way:

→   |  ←

So, just like a mirror creates reversed symmetrical imagery, you would read “AR” left-to-right on the left side of the “C” and right-to-left on the other side.

So what does it ultimately convey?

ARCAR = “ARC (is a reflection of) RA(hmat)”


Dang, did I unintentionally pick the most perfect alias or what?!

But the best part comes from the three letters left over: “-ion”: check out what happens when you simply overlay each capitalized letter of “ION” right in the center:

What exactly are we looking at? Everything.

What do I mean by “everything”? Just about everything I’ve shown you thus far with cartograstrology, the sailboat constellation map of Tacoma, the alias ARCARION— everything— is contained in those three letters centered on a single point as a holofractal-pictograph. You read it right— the whole is contained within this image of “ION”, like a hologram or a fractal!

Shall we unravel it?

First, the basics

The four lines you see that are in the “N” and “I” can represent four people: Vicci, Dia, Lindsey, and Rahmat.

What else are in these names? Believe it or not, if you put all four of us together, you get one man: Leonardo Da Vinci. See it in the names?

LiNdsey / ARD (ARc >|< RD, or RAhmat D.)

Leonardo Da Vinci was a polymath who pretty much did everything from cartography to mathematics to art and science, which is pretty much what is covered across the board here on this blog, and the four of us seem to have a range of skills and talents. (Except for Vicci; aside from music and drama, I think she just watches T.V.)

If you believe in reincarnation (which I do not), then we are the reincarnation of fragments of his fractionated soul. (Sorry for triggering your cognitive dissonance, here, David. Hit me up if you wanna talk about it. I have the utmost compassion as the veils fall away for those who have bought into the reincarnation paradigm of nonsense.) What I mean by “reincarnation” is that his array of attributes are returning here (not essence), albeit distributed among the four of us. And it’s likely got something to do with— oh i dunno— a RENAISSANCE.

The “O” can represent a pair of semicircular arcs divided by the vertical line, conveying symmetry, perfection, and completeness. Also, as stated above, the two semicircle arcs together symbolize ARCAR.

The “N” represents the following:

Though not symmetrical, the "N" when separated by the "I" creates two separate angles that are 180 degrees of rotation apart and opposite of each other.

These can also represent the two “A”s as in ΛrcΛrion, or the two “A”s as in RΛhmΛt

The diagonal line striking through the vertical line represents an edge of the "bowtie" ley line sequence from my previous post, and strangely resembles the lamp in the Take Flight music video.

I like to think it also represents transcendence because it passes over and connects the other three lines, and not just because I want an excuse to tie it in to another Lindsey Stirling song title.

With a little bit of stretching, I can make my ideas all fit together.
See how this ION pictograph represents the "R"s as well as the theme of correspondence?

Letter Elements

Now, if you look at the letters A I O and C that I’ve covered so far, they consist of these basic elements: the arc, the line, the angle, and the circle. Interestingly, when you look at the 26-letter upper case alphabet, they can be broken down into these elements:

"A" is a line and an angle, "B" is two arcs and one line, "C" is one arc, "D" is an arc and a line, etc...

Letter components of “O” and “A”

The circle and angle can be broken down further into two arcs and two lines respectively, which I’ll call components, and these two components in turn make up the four script elements which are either a single or doubled component.

Extra credit assignment:

  1. Break down these two nicknames into their respective components. Examine.


  2. What did you discover when you did that?
  3. Describe to yourself or discuss among your friends what it can symbolically illustrate.
  4. What other words or names use ALL FOUR basic elements A or V, C, I, and O? (Ex.: “The VOICe”, ArCarIOn, etc.)

There will be a quiz!