Great news, Lindsey!

Greetings from Salt Lake City!

As soon as I got my paycheck on Friday I hit the road. I realized that if I push myself, I can make it to SLC in time to get to a very special Meg and Dia performance. Can’t miss it! They used to perform there years ago and I got to see a reunion show that made the whole trip worthwhile. I could feel the nostalgia and everyone was singing along! I also got the chance for some face time with the wonder girl herself. You should have seen how hard I struggled to form words under such weariness and exhaustion from my travels! It was awkward city! All this anticipation of what that fateful meeting would be like, 8 years in the making, and there I was in the perfect place for it to happen and I stood there fumbling. Classic! Well can you guess how our meeting went? Yup, exactly as I predicted: in classic Vicci fashion. (See, dad? This proves that this is not all in my head because I predicted she would act like she didn’t know me!) Guess she didn’t like my letters.

Do you know what this means? She’s out of the way! No more Dia to worry about. It’s just you and me now. And that probably means it’s just me.

I’m fine with that.

It’s been a special two years with y’all doing this all over again. I remember way back in 2007 how eagerly I yearned to hear Vicci confirm to me that she had me in her thoughts since 2005. I so badly wanted for that story to have a happy ending with a climactic, emotional, and meaningful consummation. How nice it would feel to be vindicated to my family and friends who saw how this girl was affecting me and thought I was imagining things. I took a careful course of action that instead garnered feigned ignorance on her behalf and wedged my tail firmly between my legs.

Two and a half years ago I saw the cycle repeating. Things were manifesting in a systematic and predictable way. I could engage with it and see stuff coming. Incredible! Who lives life like this? Some things I didn’t see coming because I was shortsighted by what I thought was even possible.

It’s been a great experience but this time around has likewise reached its end. I’m not at all disappointed that this story is getting buried again. It’s for the best. I have no hard feelings toward Dia. I needed that rejection (I also pretty much asked for it).

Perhaps I’m short sighting myself again. Maybe you have something up your sleeve with Artemis? Maybe I’ll catch Dia in Boston on the up and up next weekend? (Like it or not— we are friends. Deny it all you want!)

In the meantime, I’m going to visit Temple Square to visit some sights sacred to me. Did you know Abdul-Baha visited the temple in 1912 wearing the red robe of His Father? The same red robe Bahá’u’llah wore on Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel, in 1891 where He revealed part of the Tablet of Carmel. All things considered, you have to appreciate these connections, if anything else. His Son was using His Father’s apparel to convey hidden meaning. They did not let Him into the temple, by the way.

Anyways, I can’t keep this blog content up forever. Make your copies, screenshots, back it up. I’m deleting everything by year’s end.

Confound it all!

Dear special friends,

Y’all are making me crazy!

I had a conversation with my dad, trying to explain as to why I left my job to go on a two-month vacation and I couldn’t tell him a damn thing! If I told him the real reason, he’d get concerned and then worried, and it wouldn’t help at all. He’s a retired mental health professional, mind you.

So here we are. Are we moments away from the big drop? Or is this story going to stay concealed from the world and gradually forgotten by me again, only to resurface once more in 2027 with a new generation of contenders? Sarcasm aside, I’m bettin’ that this thing gets exposed very soon.

Y’all are killing it, too! I’m getting weak in the knees over here. The quality of artistry coming out of you ladies is off the rails! I don’t even need to do a comparative analysis to show how obvious some of the art theft is getting over here. I’m an unacknowledged concept art collaborator at this point. Huge honor, though it’s signaling to me that D-Day is almost here (it’s the best I could come up with– “Decision Day?” “Dia Day?” “Days Day?”… sure!) and I have no idea what is gonna happen in the coming months. The past two autumn seasons I felt like I was nearly dying from all of the movement going on in the Aether. (How insane do I sound right now?) Wonder what this autumn will be like?

Let’s get one thing clear, lovely Dia: when this thing does go public, it will invariably be known that you are my second choice. No reloads! I ran to you because I figured that, from the circumstantial evidence, Celestial Marriage is the only option on the table, upon which I responded with a “no” to her invitation– and this will never change. Find somebody else to get you into heaven!

But… is it really over? I mean, I didn’t even consider the possibility that she’d be open to working out an alternative. Plus, she is known to not take “no” for an answer. I kinda just jumped the gun and assumed there’d be no room for compromise. Was I right? I mean, maybe she’s had some time to think it over and perhaps has concluded that something is better than nothing. It’s not the ideal scenario that her family will like, but we can’t always get what we want. I like the quote quoted in Steal Like an Artist that goes, “as soon as you stop wanting something, you get it.”

Ah, marriage, the dream that will never die. I wanted you so badly but now I don’t. Does that mean I get it now? No, really, I don’t! What do you mean, “nice try?” Forget you, universe! Finding a marriage is as hopeless for me now as it’ll ever be, but that’s because I tend to get stuck in this tangled web we weave. Did I mention how bizarre and weird this would make me look if read by other prospects? Yeah, that’s not helping either.

So, my dear alt, Dia, (and who likes being second choice, anyway?), if you’re thinking of leaving, now would be a great time. It would make things much easier for me if the runner up were no longer putting up such a fight. Granted, I would have no way of knowing if we were ever right for each other, but at least I could then wait for Lindsey in peace. Forever.


Well, at least until she married somebody else, that is. Then I’d give up. And then it would be all you!

Confounded as ever,

Something Real

Dear Dia,

I love you.

What does this mean to you, coming from me?

Do you know what it means to me in our current situation?
Absolutely nothing. I don’t know you.

I love you as a true friend unconditionally. I love those others the same.  What is your idea of true love? 

Is it the same as mine? What is mine?

I put in a notice today at work. I’m going to tear down my computer and put the components on eBay. Gonna sell my virtual reality system. My possessions will be scaled down to bare bones, and then I’m getting on the road to see the east coast, then I don’t know where I’ll land during my upcoming travelling homeless stint.

Am I driven by a desire to get that emotional payload from you? No. I need nothing from you. I live my dreams through you. You are giving more than I could hope for.

What about you? What do you need from me out of all this? Do you want me to shout your name on the rooftops that I love you more than anyone or anything, acting out those songs you sing on Instagram? A storied concept of love for another? Would this make you happy? Would this love last? How does that Ben Gibbard song go again?

Vicci and I were never right for each other.

I’d never be good enough for Lindsey or her Mormon family.

Would a storyful consummation of my obsessed love for these two at the apex of infatuation change the inevitable doomed-to-fail outcome?

Then what good are these emotions and longings and this infatuation tied to a story? They’re illusions. They’re not real. If I don’t learn the lessons now, I never will. They’re a test. I aim to pass that test, even if it means not winning anything. 

This aloofness is necessary. Remember the November 17, 2017 tweet? 

Two were left behind. Only one remains!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, it’s a riddle. I didn’t know this riddle was in my tweet when I composed it in under a minute– it just came out this way and I discovered the hidden meanings a few days later. Take my word for it. The initial intention I had behind this tweet is obvious. The inner meanings I’d find later were exhilarating. 

The punctuation marks indicate how to arrange it based on symmetry of the bar between two dots.


There are two parts to each sentence.



The “L” is on the left. It’s in the word “left”, and again on the left to boot. The “R” is on the right, except in the word “remains”, where it is on the other side and on the left. Why did I interpret these “L’s” as the universe intending it to mean “Lindsey”? Why did I think it revealed that in the future I would “leave behind” the “D”, as in my last name and take hers, like some kind of soyboy? 

You know what? I didn’t interpret it accurately because I didn’t want to accept any other way of looking at it due to the fact I was blinded by infatuation, bias, and fear. Look at it again. The two “left behind” are “L”, “FT”, and “D”; the only one that remains is “R”. You know — as in Rahmat —  all by my lonesome. Also in 2019; as the nineteenth letter is “S”. 

See? Way more of a complete correspondence than what we went with originally. I need to adjust my attitude towards y’all to keep a clear vision. I’m doing my best here all by myself!

Loving you, baby,
RS (as in Rahmat in 2019. Or Stirlingite. HA! Love ya, Lensy)

P.S.: See you in Boston. Hang out later?

Arcarion. Me. Dia?

Oh come on, don’t be so surprised. It’s a gaming blog. *This* is a game, too, right?

Some sick game it is.

You know, after my previous post, I figured the game was over. Can’t undo my decision. Can’t reload a save. I chose, I stayed true to it, albeit I didn’t get the outcome I wanted, but it was a good experience nonetheless, so that was it. Time to log off and move on. Admittedly, it was easier than expected to let go, to be honest. Who needs to marry their beautiful and rich and famous and super talented girl of their dreams anyway? I don’t.

You know, I have a tendency to postpone certain experiences until I get a feeling it’s the right time, rather than jumping right in and going for it on a whim. Timing can be everything.

I haven’t watched a movie since Pete’s Dragon in December of 2017. I had my first virtual reality experience a few weeks ago, and then I got the feeling it was time to watch Ready Player One the other day. Loved it! Had I never played VR, it would not have been as good of an experience watching the film based on virtual worlds. On the last day of March I was craving a certain kind of music to go with the feeling of spring, so I decided without prompting to listen to Meg and Dia’s Cocoon for the first time. Hit the spot. Had I played it during the winter I would not have been able to enjoy it to the maximum. I sure have life figured out, it seems. Got my rhythms down pat.

Yup, things are going pretty good right now. Got a full time job I enjoy at an assisted living facility cooking for the residents. It’s easy and fun and my computer is getting maxed out with upgrades with the money I get, plus now I have VR. I can really escape and immerse myself completely now. I’m actually INSIDE Fallout 4! I can walk around my settlements in my room thanks to room scale tracking, and even stand next to Preston Garvey behind cover as we rid the Commonwealth of those pesky raiders with our laser muskets.

Best of all, I don’t have to think about this little story anymore because there aren’t any more avenues left to take.

Permadeath. No reloads.

But unlike my growing settlements in VR worlds, there are real people in this game– in the real world. This room ain’t so empty after all. I feel a presence in the room, or at least in my head. Taking the headset off now for a minute to think.

Why do I get this feeling like it’s not actually game over yet? Like I’ve been granted an extra life for a bonus round? I passed her up for the other one. I made my decision, as though it were all up to me. Well here’s what I didn’t anticipate: the power of forgiveness and humility to refresh and renew the heart and mind. And what if she chose that? Nice touch — we’re in it together. Also, the universe manifesting things can be quite astonishing.

Okay, what now? Get a work tradeoff so I can go to the Meg and Dia reunion show in NM in three months? See if I can’t find an opportunity to say “hi” in person while playing that little game that Vicci and I would play at her shows where we wouldn’t give ourselves away? Ooh! Maybe I can use social media to posture and telegraph for that fateful day we would be in the same place to instigate an accidental “bumping into each other”? It could be memorable scene for all in the know to witness.

What in the world am I talking about, you ask? Well, what does the magical matchbox have to say? Here’s a freebie: my interpretation of Chances.

When you call my name it’s the only truth I’m sure of
Like my neck on a chain

It’s out of my hands
But baby bring it on bold and tragic

Yeah yeah yeah, it’s a song about L.A., the acting world, its ups and downs, yada yada. Good cover story, but the rest of the pieces of the song don’t all quite fit together with that narrative. Learn to play the game!

What if I had a personal revelation that the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith is a prophet? Then got baptized and paid my tithing and worked my way toward that temple recommend, and gave my little testimony involving Lindsey Stirling to which lead to a ring? What would happen next? Story time. And whose name would be invoked?

And had this come to pass, it would have been automatic.

So how will this story unfold in the bonus round? How much time is left in the countdown? Who is going to drop the ball? Is someone going to try to sink this ship before it crashes to shore? Is Lindsey going to take a moment in her busy schedule to tell the world, “Hey everybody! Check out this thing and let me know what you think!” I doubt Vicci is going to spill it. Who else knows or cares?

Is it just the two of us in here now?

I dunno. I guess I’ll just go listen to Cocoon some more. Maybe it’ll come to me.

Letter in Response to David Wilcock’s Invitation

Dear David Wilcock,

I have received your email to your subscribers of inviting me to sign up for your five week course on Ascension found at . Here is my open letter in response.

You are right, David, the Ascension Mystery School is not for everyone. In your email to me you state emphatically that your research about Ascension IS the truth, and ‘what you will say’ is that the it will ‘tear down the veil’ and accelerate my spiritual progress. I have listened to you explain the features of your course and am cognizant of the Ra materials, and have found them to be centered on the individual, appealing to his/her ambitions to traverse, or “sling-shot” across the Densities through an almost self-centered form of spiritual practice. You incentivize the process as something to jealously aspire to through diet and meditation and being nice to people.

If I seem critical then I apologize. As a dedicated seeker of truth, your invitation should appeal to me, but the fruits that your teachings are promising will not be seen until the event takes place. What if from wise counsel you can see the fruits of true spiritual progress in the present moment? And not just in ourselves but in others as well?

“The betterment of the world can be accomplished through pure and goodly deeds, through commendable and seemly conduct.”

I think you have the right intentions, but are missing the key to this so-called “Ascension”. You have all of the knowledge to be able to immediately recognize this Kalki avatar or reincarnation of Krishna, this fifth Buddha or “Maitreya”, this Frashokereti who has walked this earth a century and a half ago; you have independently ascertained that these religions are essentially the same and from a single source throughout the cycles. Yet you fix your feet firmly and stand staunchly in your Ra material, who claims is a humble messenger of the One Infinite Creator, and profess your “Mystery teachings” as the secret that has eluded mankind for true spiritual progress. I digress to say more on the subject.

I don’t know for sure if you have heard of Baha’u’llah, and I’m just assuming that you have heard the glad tidings because of your exhaustive research. If you do indeed have conscious knowledge of Him, His life and His teachings, and if He is who He says He is, then you will be held accountable for your own failure in achieving the ultimate truth of this age, which is what you are seeking after and what is the greatest fulfillment of our true purpose — recognizing the Manifestation of God for this age.

Being Baha’i is not easy, and not for everyone. I can relate to what you wrote similarly about the Ascension Mystery School. It takes courage to face your own veils, and while it can be dumbfounding when you yourself have to live those words that came streaming forth from your mouth, it’s all part of the journey. The battle of the self in the soul’s quest towards God. However, this is a path that is not to be walked alone. A path is something that is walked with others. The fruits of walking this path of service in the company of others are measurable in every community that endeavors to do some service for their fellow man (or woman), and these endeavors not only bring spiritual growth to the individual, but harmony to society as well in real time. Don’t have to wait for the event to do the work that we are blessed to undertake in the field of service.

Inversely, I would like to invite you to participate in exploring truth with other like-minded people, with the aid of a sequence of courses developed at the grass roots by people inspired by this great Teacher, refined through action and consultation, and see for yourself if it is conducive to facilitating this transformation RIGHT NOW, right where you are.

If you say yes, I’ll sign up to your Ascension Mystery School and we can compare.

Best regards,

Valentine’s Day

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day and it seemed right to me to finally get this WordPress blog back up again so I can write a special letter to my very special friend LS. You know who you are. And so does everybody else reading my messages in a bottle. Isn’t this fun!? I think it’s fun.

Turns out, to get the blog back up again, all I had to do was update the database’s entry for the theme. It got changed somehow. Well now I know how to fix a blog!

So it’s Valentine’s Day, again, and I wanted to give you something special, my dear. I’m sorry it will not be me giving a testimony about how I asked God if the Book of Mormon is true and then got baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints all thanks to you. I would hope that you would nonetheless be happy that I am courageously living my truth with compassion for others and with integrity.

I most likely will not marry someone who does not share my faith as a Baha’i. Marrying someone of another faith is like having two wings of a bird each trying to fly in different directions. It’s not for me.

You also probably want to be reunited with your family in the afterlife with Heavenly Father. You’ve worked so hard and are such a good person, but none of that will matter unless you marry a Mormon man in a temple. A sealing is crucial, and then, after all you can do, you’ll have a shot at getting into heaven in the afterlife.

Wrestling with these facts has not been fun, however.

During your social media break, I’ve found peace by repeating in hushed breaths to myself, it’s over. This thing is done. I also listened to Brave Enough a few times. The whole album, not just the song. Gosh, those themes in that album sure are relevant. Reminds me of something I like to call “the Matchbox effect”. Another time, perhaps.

What I would like to offer you in this letter is some interesting facts about Joseph Smith from a Baha’i perspective. Did you know that some Baha’is consider Joseph Smith to be a seer? Did you know he made accurate predictions about the coming Son of Man, that He did indeed come in 1891 wearing red? Check it out!

Here is a lengthy article written by a Baha’i from Utah that has it all. It’s not an official document, so it has the writer’s perspective which could have some inaccuracies.

I’ve learned the hard lesson that sharing facts with others doesn’t make them believers of those facts, nor will they immediately recant what has been disproved. There is something about the path of the seeker. The yearning. The journey to find the truth. There needs to be a burning desire to find the answer and courage to accept it when it comes, even if it’s uncomfortable or totally disagreeable. I’ve also accepted that people tend to have things that they let get in their way of truth, such as attachments, fear, and weakness. Getting out of our own way is hard, but I’ve found that once a person finally does break free, it’s like a new day and a new life.

I’m obviously making subtle prophetic allusions to you leaving the Church by referencing your songs that will come to pass (“Matchbox effect”): first, the realization of the truth causing your globe to break (Shatter Me) and then you discovering that it was the best thing ever in the afterglow (First Light). I just did it twice in the latter part of the previous sentence, too, see? I’m going for broke here!

With warm and loving Valentine’s Day wishes,

On faith and love

Dear Lindsey,

I’m super excited about the news I’ve received from watching your Santa Baby video and interpreting the hidden messages contained therein about our forthcoming possible engagement! This has happened to me only once before, over a decade ago with someone else through similar unconventional secretive methods that were never confirmed to me let alone directly spoken of after the fact, but it’s nonetheless just as exhilarating that it’s happening again!

I’ve been so excited that I’ve taken the liberty to get more familiar with the doctrines and beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints so I can better get to know you.

After several days now, going deep into the Doctrines and Covenants, Book of Mormon and its history, I’m only a little bit shocked and dismayed by what I’ve learned. Given that you’ve been raised in the Church, this is what you know to be true so it ain’t no thang for you. I’m also used to learning inconvenient truths and shocking disclosures, so I got this!

So before you and I get to actually talking in person, or you even publicly acknowledging that I’ve been a part of your creative process, I’d love to share with you some things I’ve learned about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and what it means to me as a Baha’i. This should be fun for you to peruse while you are on tour.

  • Our Heavenly Father was once a person who became God through his own efforts, and we can become Gods ourselves with our own planets. We even have a Heavenly Mother, who gave birth to us spirit children, but this is not emphasized. Fascinating! I still don’t know who created the universe the Heavenly Father was born into, but it seems it’s not important.
  • The venerated prophet Joseph Smith has a history with the Church that is very troubling to know about, so it is better not to know about that stuff and look only at his accomplishments. Very well. Members have gotten into trouble for talking about it, so I’ll move on.
  • Temple endowment ceremonies have strikingly similar features to Freemasonry, complete with secret handshakes and unique rituals to get into heaven. I’m strangely fascinated with the underwear. A little off the wall humor there. Moving on.
  • The living prophets of the past sometimes made mistakes and created racist doctrines, but those have all been disavowed thanks to a more recent living prophet giving us an update from God.

It has been a fascinating few days of research, and I can tell you with 100% certainty (based on some good ol’ fashioned prayer and personal revelation) that I will never, ever become a member of the Church*, and so I want to ask you a serious question: Are you okay with not getting into the highest heaven, the Celestial Kingdom? Because you need a temple sealing to get there, and I’ll never set foot in that place, nor will I enter a temple. I might try on the underwear just to see if its comfy, though, but nothing more!

(*Should I be proven wrong about Baha’u’llah being the return of Christ as He claims to be, and should I die before Jesus Christ comes back, then whilst I’m hanging out in the Terrestrial or Telestial kingdoms please get someone to baptize me posthumously — pronto. Thanks!)

There is also the matter of how we raise our children. It’s going to invariably be a clash of my values against yours, especially when it comes to the age of accountability when I believe children are not yet developed enough to make such a decision. Also, in keeping with my own values given to me by my parents educating me, they did not withhold the truth about the Baha’i Faith or its history. Should our children ask a question I, likewise, would not withhold an honest and forthright answer (such as how the Book of Mormon came to be — not from the Golden Plates but from a seer stone in a hat, or that the Book of Abraham bears no relationship to the papyrus scroll from which it was ‘translated’ whatsoever, other than being a vehicle for its revelation, as well as that certain high profile members were excommunicated because they shared facts). So, we might need to work some things out. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

I really only care that you are a good person and I support everyone as a true friend regardless of their beliefs, and if this faith has made you who you are, then that is a good thing that I totally accept, and I would never judge or criticize you for having faith. Heck, I’d even attend Church services with you! (but only for two hours a week and not three)

Ah, the Holidays

Or, in my case, “AHH! THE HOLIDAYS!”

Yep, it’s this time of year again. I have always loved the holidays growing up a Baha’i. We even celebrated it a few times as a family, because heck, why not? Baha’is recognize Jesus for who He says He is, so we can observe His birthday. My parents made sure that we’d get proper exposure to the good things that American culture had to offer, even during the holiday season. Influencing me growing up was Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas album, the Home Alone film and others — I loved that Christmas spirit!

As an adult, I don’t really “get into the spirit” by putting up lights or putting a tree in my room or getting people gifts. I find that the material side of Christmas can take away from its true meaning, which should be about Jesus Christ. My Christian siblings, fortunately, have continued to give me that meaningful setting as an adult, complete with prayer before Christmas dinner, gift opening (though I’ve fallen short on the gift-giving part. Did my sister-in-law really like those kitchen sponges I got her that one year, or did she just laugh out of courtesy, pretending she enjoyed the humor? I guess I’ll never know.) Oh, and of course the family time!

I’ve been thinking a lot about cartograstrology, which is the name I’ve given to a phenomena that shows that we are all connected in some way through miraculous manifestations that happen at certain times that fit into a bigger big picture on this journey of experience. And as I’ve explained in previous posts, the pieces sometimes fit together even if the contributor of that piece is totally unaware of it.

Did I mention I’ve been thinking about cartograstrology… like A LOT? It’s exhilarating at first to witness the wonder of it all, but honestly it gets… well, exhausting. It’s so easy to overthink it. I’ve often asked myself how long I will let this continue before I just wall it off entirely from my conscious mind. Life would be so much easier if I could just integrate into a more conventional and “normal” way of being, even if I have to fake it till I make it. I’m starting to hate that feeling like I know too much, because it’s often coupled with a feeling of helplessness and isolation. Sometimes I just wanna “take the blue pill” and say this is all in my head and never speak of this blog again and just delete it all and efface this past year from my memory!

Then, just as the light is about to burn out, I get another one of those “signs.” Now it’s being followed with a sigh. See what I did there? Sign|Sigh. Why won’t you just leave me alone, universe?! What do you want from me!

So let’s talk about Santa, baby. Not the jolly old man— the 1953 Christmas song! And not the original, mind you. A particular cover recently released that has had omitted from it a few things from the original.

Cartograstrology-wise, there is a lot going on with the Santa Baby song that would make for a great game of let’s mess with Rahmat’s head some more, care of the universe! And what the heck, I’m game!

But I wonder how long we will actually play this game, if there is indeed even anyone else playing? And what’s more, when will the game end with an unveiling and an acknowledgement?

I’m talkin’ to you, Lindsey. It looks like it’s just you and me in here. No one else seems to be reading this, so here’s my reaction to your cute little song and video, you little kitten, you. I can see why you’d want to include this song in your “deluxe” edition instead of in last year’s release. Setting the stage, much? Wink wink

So here’s the rundown of features this version of the song has:

  • A convertible. What’s so special about a convertible? Well, it’s the winter, for one, so the original writer didn’t think that part through, so he must have been going on intuition here. Or maybe it sounded more swag.
    So, how about those letters in CONVERTIBLE?
    C, O, V, and I, what I like to call the “elements”, are all there. The elements are an arc (C), angle (V), line (I), and circle (O), and each element has one or two “components”, which is either an arc or a line, and these elements are the basic building blocks of every other capital letter in the alphabet. Having all four of ’em in a word is, like, auspicious or something. There are other letters and combinations in there that make it even MORE auspicious, especially when you make a pictograph out of the whole word like so:

Do you see what I see? C'mon, I know you do! It's like an emblem straight from heaven. There's even a Bible there, for gosh sake! Is it not plainly obvious what the universe is telling us?
  • A yacht, which is a boat. Some yachts have sails, you know. They’re called Day sailing yachts. DAY. SAILBOAT.
    I see what you did there.
  • The other original lyrics that are missing make the singer’s wishes seem superficial, but removing them from your version says plenty about what you value.
  • A bowtie. But only on your head, not your dancers’. Elegant and poetic. You win.
  • And then there’s the ring. On your ring finger. That’s… bold of you.

Finally, the video ends with a longing Lindsey waiting by the phone. But, if you don’t mind me asking, are you expecting a call from someone, or foreshadowing a call that you’re going to make?

I’ll wait.

But not forever.

So, am I crazy? Am I reading too far into things and having too much fun with it? Well, it can’t possibly go any further than this, I can tell you that much, and I’ll be damned if I keep up with this charade.

Will there really, truly be a very special “phone call” in our near future precipitating a big REVEAL?

I guess this is it!

Anybody out there? ​

I’m happy to say that this blog has reached the height of its intended purpose. All the dots are connected, the arguments put forth, and sealed with the stamp of a link to Nassim Haramein’s “The Connected Universe” film to tie it all together. I’ve learned a thing or two about how the magic works, and I know that when it’s the right time, people will find it. It’s here, but are they even looking?

Now I’m scratching my head and asking, “where is everybody?”

Surely if I were really on to something here, and all this content I’ve shared thus far was not just a mystical wild goose chase into the imagination spanning ten plus years, then something would materialize.

But it’s eerily silent.

Even in my own circle of friends and family, nobody has yet said to me, “I read your blog. Neat content! What a wonder it is! How interesting! This evidence of a connected universe needs to be spread to others!” Not a word. Not from wanderers reading my posts on Twitter or Instagram who followed the links here, either. And life just goes on in The Matrix.

Self-promotion is not really my thing, but something brought me this far along this path, and I aim to find out where it’s all going. If this is going to lead me into some kind of ascendance in the public arena to raise awareness of the wider spectrum of reality not being told to you by the establishment, then it’s going to begin with a spark of interest from a few within my own microcosm and on to a bigger stage from there. This blog’s content is invariably going to get some resistance because it bridges the gap between religion and science while tearing down old and outmoded walls of thinking. That’ll leave anyone perturbed and vulnerable, but don’t we want the truth?

Microcosm to macrocosm

I have identified a few figures that I’ve got my eyes on who should be able to pierce the veil and see that the only thing standing between them and a unified vision of everything with a self-existing God in the center who is conscious of His creation is the veil of their own imaginings. If they aren’t looking at this blog by now, they probably soon will.

C. W. Chanter seems to have made a “response” to my post with his “Black Magick of Social Media” series on his YouTube channel, but on his September 21st broadcast his frustrations at the nonsense of the claimants in the metaphysical/disclosure community had boiled over. He even mentioned he’s gonna have a heart attack! (I honestly can’t be sure if he read my Rnot-Anon posts before livestreaming the series. What if he has no idea I called it and then he discovers my post, dated days before his first B.M.S.M video and freaks out?!) I won’t be responsible if he loses his shit from learning about this foresight, claiming black magic[k] because of his idols of satanic fancy! It’s all connected, and that’s the way it goes, baby!

And there’s Jordan Sather with his Trump and QAnon support which are his hopes and dreams of something indicating a divine plan, which is fine and probably a good thing. Given the preaching he does for Ascension and removing the shackles that bind, he would be the ideal mind to understand that there is another answer to cosmic consciousness other than an Infinite Creator who created itself by impossible means by an imperfect Identity that can’t know an apple from the infinite possibilities in its unfractalized state because that knowledge was uncreated. Not to mention that in that Identity state it is not all-powerful, either, because it couldn’t know creation without fractalizing first (and where did it get the power to do that?). Cosmic consciousness is real, but Source is limited and powerless? And this is the only rational conclusion? (I’m not criticizing if I’m stating a logical fallacy! A creator is always above his creation— never on the same level. Otherwise we humans could create a universe within this one along with artificial human souls in it that are our equals. Not possible. The surrounded cannot encompass that which surrounds it, the imperfect artist can’t create a perfect masterpiece.)

And where is David? Good grief. There is no excuse for you guys to be this uninformed when you have the all the knowledge and discernment in your pockets thanks to this age of Internet and smartphones! “The Age of Authenticity” indeed!

This world, I tell ya!

When I contemplate the world I live in on the inside and look at the world around me, I need to find reconciliation because the two are night and day, I tell ya!

I have reservations about dealing with the world we live in beyond a basic existence, especially when we have veered way off course as a civilization as we have. The mystic path is for me until the world gets on the true path of spiritual and material progress. There are times I just feel like I’ve given up the ghost and pray for the good Lord to take me up. Though that likely won’t happen (unless I’m the “favored damsel” foretold by Baha’u’llah in the Tablet of the Holy Mariner, in which case I’d be a big test for the faithful, but hell – I’d take anything at this point to see humanity move past these roadblocks!).

So now that I’m at my wits end here with nothing to lose, why not take a few chances and risk some good old fashioned rejection and humiliation? I’d take that, too.

Maybe I should just straight up ask Dia Frampton if she knows something?

Well, if you really ARE reading this and you know what it would mean, then maybe this can be a kick in the pants?

I’d love to just send out that Tweet, get an answer or non-answer and be done with this perplexity so I can leave it all behind. Then I can go back to my slumber with a food service job to enable me to play video games, while saving up for that camper to live out my days in until I finally get the good news that the messenger of joy known as death is here to grant me release from this prison-cage of bondage that is the flesh upon the dust heap that is the material world.

Not to end on a downer or anything, but this story is either going to reach an apex for all to see and wonder at, or come crashing down on my head. Whatever it takes to get there.


Trip code change

We be trippin’.
Your turn, Chanter.

How’s your VACatION?
Do your eyes deceive you?
This ain’t no black magic.
Microcosm to macrocosm.
All the dots connect, baby.
I have the video.
Ya know what I mean?
What does your religion teach about UNITY?
It is what it is!

Cognitive dissonance or cognitive resonance?
You are a case study.

I love you ALL.

Enjoy the ride.