Ah, The Days of HA

Is it a laugh? It could be, but that would be kinda mean. Remember: I love you all! I ended my June post with it knowing it could be taken that way. I kept it that way on purpose.

There are times when I really don’t want to be in the predicament that I’m in, but I want to be bold. Take risks. Feel the feels. Let it burn. Let it bleed. Just give us what we need. These are, after all, the Golden Years. It’s my great honor to honor your music by making it happen as reality. Just don’t tell me what the damage is.

You all know by now that there is a lot more going on underneath these words and letters. Hidden and abstruse meanings. Did you all really think that it would stop at a mere cackle at another’s expense? It is usually the case that there is inner significance to be found when the letters are capitalized.

So check again. This time I want you to establish your horizons.

Hear about that new game Forza Horizon 5? It looks amazing. If you were to look down at the road at the starting line, you’d see an H. The edges of the road are the vertical parallel lines. You don’t play the game looking top-down; it’s not Forza Pavement 5. Look toward the horizon! What, then, becomes of that H? Thanks to perspective, its parallel lines seem to touch at the vanishing point on the horizon, giving you an A. See it now?

AH! Now you see it. See what I did there? This is just the kicker, though. You find in that post that the other letters in all caps include STARS, and a Hidden Word of Baha’u’llah that begins O SON OF MAN!

Now try this: navigate your browser over to https://www.bahai.org/library and in the search box type in those two letters. What do you find? The very first result shows a note from Days of Remembrance that the letters Ḥá’ and Bá’ spell the word ḥubb (love) in Arabic. Perhaps I was laughing about love? Who really knows for sure what I was truly thinking, but these connections make for a good case to clear my name of wishing to cause harm.

If you are in the mood for some reading, check out the tablet a few results down titled From the Letter Bá’ to the Letter Há’. This tablet has been recently translated into English and first published to the library and I’ve only just recently read it for the first time. It’s become my favorite tablet from Baha’u’llah’s writings and as soon as you peruse it for yourself it won’t be a mystery why.

Heart to heart they whisper hidden secrets; soul to soul they unfold abstruse matters… They speak an unknown tongue and observe an unseen grammar, of which all the world’s inhabitants know not a single letter, save those whom thy Lord hath willed.

Furthermore, if you reverse those two letters, you get Bá’ Há’, which means glory. I, being a follower of Baha’u’llah (Glory of God), that makes me a Bá’Há’i. Neat, huh? So, for extra credit what are the “Days of Há’”?

I’m told we should never test our friends, and since you are my reader you are my friend. However, these are trying times and I said to myself fuck it. So, HA!

I still love you all!

Hello again

Hey all, me again. I just felt like posting something today. What a crazy couple of months it’s been! If you’re new here, you’re probably curious about the STAR WARS chosen one you’ve just heard about going around social media. If that isn’t how it went, then this thing probably didn’t get summarized in a video somebody makes that goes viral, leaving people astonished. At some point, the woo woo is going to break out into the open, and I’m afraid they’ll be asking about us!

I suppose one more update is in order. Going into May I suspected that any plans I put together for a year’s end goal will probably get thrown off by the tremors, as I’ll call them, because it is the STAR WARS month and I cannot escape what I think we can all agree is my inevitable destiny in the woo. I’ve called this sickness ‘butterflies’ before, and they’re these strange physical symptoms that come with huge personal revelations, which usually include loss of appetite, insomnia, trembling, and overwhelming feelings of love. June’s butterflies were the heaviest since November of 2017 and it is coming at a time all these other things are converging in the STAR WARS woo woo, like numbers in dates and ages of certain people.

It’s pretty amazing that we are here now, August 2021, and we are still going strong! Is the woo woo dam going to break soon and every person who potentially finds this stuff interesting will learn of it? Then what will they inevitably ask about the chosen ones?

I love how Dia has all of the power in the TWLB relationship presently. I had my time with it, and now I’m practically on my knees over here. Justice? Love it! It’s well earned and deserved.

Right, Mark?

For Luck!

I keep rewriting this post. Exhausted. Sleepless. You know how it goes when the shaking comes around. Butterflies. Except this time we have reached clear skies.
At least as far as I’m concerned.

I realize that there is not much I need to say to confirm what we already know. Maybe Dia knew all along, but had to believe it and act commensurate with that, which took time and patience. Tearing down those walls, perhaps? Also throw some therapy in the mix and here we are.

When I think about love, I think about this Hidden Word:

For everything there is a sign. The sign of love is fortitude under My decree and patience under My trials.

This quote always reminds me of cartograstrology.

I am sure mighty impressed with Dia’s progress over the past five years. I love that Medium blog post about the mountain! Did this “decree” encoded in the STARS inspire her to fortify her resolve to keep going all the way to the finish even when things seemed lost? Was she patient as I eventually and inevitably stumbled my way into the “Raiders map room” myself after a long and weary quest, right on the day?

What do you all think? Is this true love?

Either way – if she ain’t the one, I doubt I’ll ever love another again.


Trip code change

We be trippin’.
Your turn, Chanter.

How’s your VACatION?
Do your eyes deceive you?
This ain’t no black magic.
Microcosm to macrocosm.
All the dots connect, baby.
I have the video.
Ya know what I mean?
What does your religion teach about UNITY?
It is what it is!

Cognitive dissonance or cognitive resonance?
You are a case study.

I love you ALL.

Enjoy the ride.


Dragon Warrior Tribute Previs Analysis

It’s been three months since I (finally) shared my EPIC Dragon Warrior Tribute previsualization music video with the world via YouTube, and I’m humbled by the view count racking up since its release. Thank you! All ten of you! The reception, feedback, and praise I’ve received from you is a super confidence booster — so thanks, mom!

In all seriousness, it’s time to give you a glimpse of what went into the thinking behind this project. It’s a tribute video, after all, and all of its content is stolen from the game and put back together again in the form of a fan’s interpretation. What’s more, I wanted the viewer to recognize the things from the game and say “wow! It’s so true to the game!”

Did you play the game, then watch my tribute video, and carefully compare the two? I mean really scrutinize this video shot-for-shot to look at everything? Anybody? Probably not, because who cares to make time for that shit? So let me show you a few things you might have missed.

In the opening scene, our hero, the descendant of Erdrick, is walking along a jagged and colorful landscape. Did you notice the video’s landscape is to the scale of the original 8-bit source, but in three dimensions?

See it now? Let’s move on!

In this terribly pixelated shot of my video, we can see what looks like a familiar place in Alefgard, and though there aren’t any Green Dragons where our hero is walking, they can be found in the swamp just south of him.

I don’t know who “Domi” is, but thanks for making it so I didn’t have to play all the way through to get this graphic

I didn’t bother adding color to the model yet, because I didn’t get to it in time. I had a deadline, ya know! Plus, who the hell is actually watching this? Anyway, how about I do it now for ya in Microsoft Paint.

MS Paint 4 life!

I could keep going, but I’ll let you (not care) to discover the rest! I will say that I really only changed a few things from the original game in my tribute, such as the location of the swamp where you find Erdrick’s Token, our hero not wearing his helmet in the beginning (but that’s because I forgot!), no cape or helmet tassel, and green dragons don’t grow into red ones. You also can’t be disarmed in the game. That’s about it.  

How about I finish this post off with the best “easter egg” in my video yet:

Look at that – it is the same thing you see on the game’s box art! The scenes flowed so naturally that I bet you didn’t even notice I slipped that easter egg in there. Because you didn’t even watch my video, that’s why.

Am I right?

My Dragon Warrior tribute project

Way back in 2005, I was listening to a song and a flood of epic visuals came over me of a young Descendant of Erdrick aimlessly walking the lands of Alefgard, encountering a fierce dragon, being beaten, rising up from defeat with renewed determination and purpose, taking on numerous trials and tribulations that would give him strength and courage, leading him to the ultimate climax of facing the dragon one more time to emerge victorious, with the music setting the emotion and flow of the visuals. Though the song didn’t quite fit, I still couldn’t stop fantasizing about seeing this music video play out in front of my eyes. The time and skill involved in making it a finished project would prove to be too ambitious, but that didn’t stop me from at least creating a visualization of it to just see what my vision would actually look like on the computer screen. This is the result of a few months of painstaking work using computer animation software to create the 3D assets I would need to make this visualization.


This project officially began in July 2014 when a friend had offered to take me in as an “apprentice” in exchange for doing work for him and his family. He is a designer by trade and a skilled artist specializing in sculpting, but has extensive knowledge, facilities and equipment to do just about anything involving arts and crafts, digital as well as traditional. He provided me with the software (which cost almost a grand if I wanted my own license), as well as clay to sculpt by hand, which is how I got the reference source to make the 3D dragon.

My mentor gave me useful advice and direction on how to go about a production, as there are many ways one can waste time if one does not have experience with animated video production. So I started with a storyboard on paper and worked out what assets I would need.

Since this is a tribute project of the NES game Dragon Warrior, most of the assets could be obtained by using the game’s original art as a reference, so all I would need to do is create 3D versions of them.

Once the assets were made, I began work on the animation. One month later, this neat music video! And then I decided to never work with computer animation again and became a chef.

The end.