Rnot-Anon confirmed?

Let’s take a good look, shall we?

Gonna get right into it, so if you know what I’m referring to here then there is no need for further explanation.

Remember back in May of last year I thought we were seeing a fulfillment of my “Trip Code Change” drop from Rnot-Anon, based on some signs I was seeing on Twitter and Dia’s social media? Well, I can see now that I did not have all of the dots to connect back then, as I had not yet discovered the LA-to-Asia “butterfly constellation”, nor did I have knowledge of the “STAR WARS matrix” (which looks kinda like a wall, by the way). At the base of this wall is where I’d be wanting to look to place the sixth matrix: the 11-17 tweet.

My resulting confusion and consternation in the absence of these pieces of the puzzle left me pretty frustrated at you all. My bad. Not to worry! Lindsey came to the rescue with a comforting text message saying everything would be okay. What would I do without my friends always being there for me?

A touch of snow

On the morning of the inauguration I took another look at the matrix next to a monospaced November tweet arrangement, and this time I noticed something about my tweets that I had not intentionally encoded regarding patterns going down the middle. When I saw it, the next thing I uttered to myself was, oh shit.

That tweet last week was about STAR WARS release dates into the future, not encoded Bible verses or keys to other parts! Well, my November 17, 2017 tweet wasn’t intended to be about STAR WARS either. Go figure.

Well, damn. How long have you fine readers known about Biden/Harris going to the inauguration to get sworn in, spelling the end of QAnon, resulting in what news media is deeming as a case study on cognitive dissonance, all derived from this patterned prophecy? Months? A year or more? Well, Mark?

And if the cognitive dissonance in the QAnon community is confirmed, does that mean there is cognitive resonance somewhere, too? Nice new pic and rainbow on your Twitter, there, Mr. Hamill.

So…. should I just go ahead and start packing my bags for another road trip? Oi, I promised I would pay my parents back a bit of money before I run off again. I might ask for some help with that, if y’all don’t mind spotting me. Otherwise, the only road trip I’ll be taking is to Puyallup to make more food deliveries. Ugh… I’m so ready for something new.

I trust I’ll be getting that invitation soon?

STAR WARS update

Hi Dave and Jon. Kathleen, too?
It’s me, your favorite archetypist, here with an update.

At breakfast I suggested to my parents to wait to get the COVID vaccine so that we can get a better idea of its adverse response over time en masse, as per Crazy Clif’s imploring, in case he’s right. What harm is there in assessing these concerns? To my dad, apparently, it’s “conspiracy thinking,” and cartograstrology is right up there in that category. He won’t even look at the map, let alone analyze it. He’s not ready for “full disclosure”, and probably never will be. Sad.

Does that mean everything stops? No. Nothing stops. I press on, even if he has to be made to suffer. Our faith teaches that tests are a healing remedy, so I’ll pray for him and he’ll be fine. This is the way. (first and only time I say that, promise)

I started my morning with some Jedi Fallen Order (best game ever!), then I watched a video from a YouTube SW loremaster about the sequels being subtly retconned as a separate timeline by way of “The Rescue.”

We learn something from each new trilogy: the prequels were actually good all this time (I knew it!), but it took a bajillion awesome episodes of Clone Wars to get everyone else to see it that way. Now it’s as classic as the originals. Go Androka! er… Ahsoka! Presently, we may be learning that timelines can exist in the SW universe, too, therefore it is also a multiverse. (Is that a fully grown Rey with her parents that I see in my mind’s eye? And Ben looks so happy as a fully trained Jedi Knight under Master Luke. Sorry your character is not still dead, Harrison. Just one more reprisal pretty please?)

In response to this interesting development, I can write three separate treatment rough draft outlines for Saga II on blue, red, and yellow paper for each respective timeline and we can go from there. Let’s have an overarching plan for all three trilogies this time, shall we? This is themethod of… doing things. Yeah, it is the method!

We also learned back in the 70’s that Joseph Campbell had some material instrumental to the STAR WARS DNA, but it was only after the surprise success of A New Hope that George let the world know. Is the same going to happen to me soon? I’d imagine Lindsey might think so. We are getting dangerously near the lifting of the veil, you know. I thought it could have begun with that last video, and I was a nervous mess leading up to the premier! It sure felt like a “season finale” to me. Look at all those teary-eyed reaction videos! Love you, Lensy!

Archetypal Mythical Hero addendum

Do you know what the “Saturn returns” part of Wilcock’s reading means to me? Look at this: The Saturn Myth by David Talbott. Cover art look familiar? It’s all about archetypes found in symbols in primitive art and myth that repeatedly show up predictably in every ancient culture the world over. The author thinks this recurring symbolism is inspired by the ancient peoples directly viewing the planets in close proximity in the northern celestial pole, but in reality it is probably that these ancient artists were drawing from the same well of inspiration within, as we see those symbols appearing yet again through my artwork, sans the presence of the celestial bodies in the heavens. I was not influenced by this book when I made the first GIF in December 2017, however. That was pure inspiration!

Nowadays, it seems that my name is synonymous within the secret Star Wars Council with a modern-day J.C. He brought the intellectual aspect of the winning formula, and I’ve helped to provide the language and symbol components, with a keen intuition to boot and a confirmation from the universe — to be viewed right on the map. So did Linds. Two are one!

No Man’s Sky (walker)

Spoiler alert! If you want to solve my January 17, 2021 tweet’s encoded message on your own, then stop reading!
These puzzles are my Ezekiel 4:9 bread and grass-fed butter, since 2004!

Also this morning, I looked at some patternicity pertaining to the dates that SW films released on. When viewed alongside the six matrices, you get a pattern that comes to the date of 2073, 96 years after 1977 (sixteen multiplied six times is 96, which kinda looks like a butterfly by the way). You probably already knew this, thanks to your team of cartograstrologists over there at LucasFilm, didn’t you? Then I suppose this tweet would be yet another token of my intuitive insights. I have… uh… said things!

Yes, of course STAR WARS will still be alive and well for another 40-year cycle. Call me prophetic — we know the secret recipe to its bottomless pot of magic sauce! We have to stick to the patterns, though, and not let greed corrupt it. What would George do?!

As for me, I have a crapload of more research to do of SW canon. Lucky me!

We made it!

Well done, friends!

This past week has felt like the previous three years of research condensed into the span of a few days. It all started when I unknowingly went to watch some TV and caught up on some films I missed. Reminds me of that time I went downstairs to do the dishes and decided to listen to a favorite Pandora station of mine that played some Celtic folk rock and EDM tunes. You know the story. Apparently there has been a whole ‘nother side to it that I only just a few days discovered. And now I realize that my map was only half complete. HALF!

Well, you all know where this is going. The jig is up. This post ain’t for newbies to the theme. We know who we are. What makes this the finish line is now I know.

I can tell you for one thing, had I not had the full measure of years of ordeals to get this far in preparation for December 2020, and had I found out what I know now three years ago, you all would have lost me. I would not have been able to handle the information and who knows how I would have received it. But you all waited for me and watched carefully as I put the pieces together as the timer counted down to 12.20.2020. I knew you all were here and believed in you, as you did in me. So, thank you, and I love you, my wonderful scenius!

Like the end of Ender’s Game when he realized that the final test for his training was an actual battle, I didn’t realize what we did until after the show rolled credits. And then came the butterflies!

You should have seen me staring at this grid of six matrices consisting of arranged letters for hours and hours yesterday. What a strange sight for the untrained observer. Turns out there are six matrices, not three. I had no idea that my 11-17 tweet fit like lock and key to the existing parts. Astonishing!

There is one more thing, however. Something I have been searching for in the patterns for some time to clarify something, of which I have also found a key for:


The STAR WARS chain code ends on RS. It all makes sense now. Then it makes a return to the STARt (pun intended, I guess). I can also see that MNOP are behind in the sequence.

So… are you thinking what I’m thinking? Maybe I have it all wrong about “Molly Mormon”. In any case, all that I know about her is based on what she posts publicly, so I can’t possibly know for sure from over here what will come of it.

So, now that we made it, what happens now? Shall we celebrate? How ’bout a round of pizza? Shall I hop in and head down there? That’s a reference to David’s page 14 prophecy which, by the way, looks about 90% fulfilled at the moment.

From a cartograstrological point of view, I see the dates of 1.2.2021 and 1.20.2021. I like the first one better because it’s closer. As I wait for an invitation, I’ll be doing research for writing the next STAR WARS saga, just in case.

Happy New Year,
May the 4s be with U

May the 4s be with U

TOTL WOW!!1!!!

What a season finale for that Star Wars TV show! We all know that show is a work of inspired creativity and that it was executed to perfection. I have never in my life watched a TV show that made me tear up, let alone sob for hours. I figure that this is what the cultural event must have felt like in 1977 with the release of the movie magic that the original Star Wars brought.

I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like for the creators to enjoy the success of the show. I can only imagine what they must think of cartograstrology now.

My blackboard has quite the “chain code” scribbled on it.


And that’s only the first part; I figured out the rest. All three matrices. Din Djarin, Grogu. Tatooine. Hell, even Toro. I wish George Lucas could have watched chapter sixteen as I did, over and over again… the magic and soul of Star Wars for the captivated returning viewer at a new time. Also, the way it connects to all the other things. WOOOOOOW.

Or should I say whoa! Or Woe! WO is me!
Lots to process, but a lot less now that I have become prepared for finding out. It reminds me of the quote from the Bible. “Woe worth the day!” The first woe was Vicci, the second woe was both Dia and Lindsey, and behold! the third woe comes quickly! I’d marry Star Wars if I could.

I can keep going, doing this by myself. Alone, I can keep following the lines and searching the patterns and tuning in, posting a GIF now and again to lead the quiet believers to the winning formula, in the hopes that I’m continuing to fulfill my destiny.


How about a friggin’ job, Lucasfilm!? C’mon! I’m ready to face the trials!
How about we create a new position: Archetypal Concept Artist, or Ar.C.Artist for short? I can be a writer, too!

What else, if not, do you think the “RS TA WA” could mean? I’m going with the “chosen one” prophecy pointing to yours truly (URS TRLY). I can do this all Day.


Gilbert Cartograstrology

I’m not one to crush on celebrities. I only love certain ones because they love me. How do I know they know me? I check the map! Here’s another piece of the story, for blog’s sake.

Yesterday was November 17, and I tend to get nostalgic around this time of year. 2017 was memorable because I discovered that the big secret eluding me all these years was right before my eyes, and I missed it simply because I wouldn’t “look”. When I did finally look and found out the big secret, I figured that Lindsey must have a connection to her town’s streets like I have with mine, because this mirroring phenomenon of city streets would establish a motive behind her stealing my artwork every chance she gets all these years. Funny thing is, ever since then I was so confident in how the pieces all fit together in my head that I didn’t even take the five minutes necessary to “check the back of the textbook” like you would a school assignment to verify that I was onto something by opening up maps and making observations to confirm what I already knew. I just assumed there was this connection and took it on faith.  

That is, until yesterday. November 17 when I finally looked at it!

I was flying around in Google Maps VR and decided that it was as good a time as ever to further expose my vulnerability, so I took a look at Gilbert, Arizona. I mean, I can’t even tune the goshdanged Pandora radio to Seven Lions while DoorDashing without a song of Lindsey or Dia’s coming on and reminding me of all this. I still like EDM as I always have since the 90s, so why don’t you all just leave me alone!

So here it is: the Tacoma-Gilbert cartograstrology connection, only this time I want you to do it with me. These are pretty much the protocols I used to make observations of Lindsey’s hometown yesterday. These will quiz your knowledge from previous posts!

  • Open maps and look at Tacoma. See how I-5 makes a “step” by going north-south and then turning and going east-west? Now open another window in your browser and go to Gilbert. Where do you see that same “step”?
  • In Tacoma, see how the flow of terrain and the orientation of the Narrows bridge flows in a diagonal line across the map towards Mt. Rainier? Are there any diagonal lines in Gilbert worth noting? (Remember that lamp in her music video?)
  • Aha! A railroad makes a diagonal line through Gilbert and intersects that “step” highway, 202L, on Ray road. When I discovered this junction, I pegged it as the mirror to the I-5 and Center streets in Tacoma. 
  • Now, where would you establish the “streets of significance” in cartograstrological terms? Well, if you follow the railroad northwest from the junction I just identified, you’ll see that it approaches a major intersection at Superstition Freeway and highway 87. That highway is already looking like the Gilbert mirror to Pearl street in Tacoma. This would make the next arterial street over the mirror to my Orchard street, so McQueens road is “Orchard street.” Simple so far, right? 
  • Now if you’re really paying attention, what else do you notice? What happens north and south of Elliot road? Yup, this street is the dividing line between north and south street addresses, just like 6th ave in Tacoma. There is your mirror. 
  • Following this pattern, where would you guess her high school could be if it were mirroring the location of my own high school in Tacoma (Wilson High)?

There is only one place her high school could be if the cartograstrology is legit and that is exactly where it is. Magic? No. Science! Atheists might say that taking things on faith is dumb. Who’s the dummies now! Sorry to rattle your paradigm, my godless friends, but there is such a thing as a practical application of faith that is not plain erring. Learn.

Admittedly when I set out to check Lindsey’s map yesterday, I followed the railroad from the junction in VR to where it intersects with S Lindsay road and street viewed my way to the Elliot intersection. There is where I noticed the “000” street address on the signpost. I stopped there and said to myself, “Okay, this is probably her church and Gilbert High is probably her high school. Satisfied with my prediction, I opened her wikipedia and found that it was, in fact, Mesquite High and not Gilbert High, and I sighed to myself, “dang it! I got it wrong!” I got the arterials right, though. I also saw the L-shape that her streets make with respect to her Junior High and temple.

Sad that I have to leave this behind. Would make a great story of a celebrity and a nobody coming together under seemingly magical circumstances with plenty of meaningful arcs.

I guess I’ll just take the piety and humiliation.

Happy Holy Day!

170 years ago today, The Bab was martyred by public firing squad. The event was witnessed by thousands, as was the miraculous circumstances that took place. The first volley of bullets only severed the ropes tying the Bab’s hands, and when the smoke cleared He was nowhere to be found. When the search was conducted, He was found back in His cell, finishing His conversation with His amanuensis. It is recounted that He told His executioners that no earthly power can stop Him or this new Revelation from being released. He then was led back to the city square where the next volley of 750 bullets found their mark, and only His face was left unscathed. His remains are now buried at the Shrine of the Bab, located in Haifa, Israel.

Today is the observance in the Baha’i world of that event that took place in 1850. It’s quite an inspiring story, and one of the few accounts where a miracle is recounted. Although many miracles were performed by Baha’u’llah, these were intentionally left out of the historical narrative because they will not serve to convince anyone who did not witness them firsthand, and, therefore, they are not useful proofs of His station.

I think about the miracles in my life and I’m grateful for the experience of witnessing them. Cartograstrology is one such case, as is the circumstances surrounding what I experienced beginning on the 7th of November of 2017 leading up to the 17th. The whole buildup leading to the November 17 tweet, and then noticing the patterns within the two sentences themselves, unraveling a whole encyclopedia of knowledge and catalyzing a quest to learn its purpose in my life; it is unforgettable, really.

What followed thereafter was confusion of just how to navigate the strange relationships I had uncovered, and doing it in such a way that would be as least combative as possible. From my past experiences, I found that by going direct and straight up asking, “Is this true that you know these things?” would not provide answers but rather denial and even outright lying, I decided that I would instead play a game, hence the cryptic tweet and the mysterious signs that followed. Two and a half years later, I wonder if I even made any friends of these two by playing this game, but what else could I have done differently? At the very least some artwork got made by me and influenced them. I guess that is the silver lining; the creative process was fueled.

So here we are now, in the days between the 7th and the 17th of the seventh month in the 177th year since the birth of this new Revelation, and I’m ready now to just forget these past three years, really. How can one just forget about this? I don’t really know, but I can try.

In November of 2017, that ten-day period leading up to that tweet was intense and emotional. I only knew that I had to find out what to do when the 17th came around, and when it did, what came to me was picking one or the other as some kind of victor in a choosing game, because you can’t have both, even though I do not know either of them personally, even still today. I wasn’t too comfortable that I was participating in a squabble; it went against my core values of being a true friend and promoting peace and reconciliation, but what the hell. Lindsey wins! Go celebrate. Gloat even, I don’t mind all that much. I was also being heavily influenced by my interpretation of the lyrics in “Golden Years” and “White Dress” from Dia’s album Bruises, plus I love Stealing Like an Artist!

As I look at it now, I can see that I have never had anything to offer you, Lindsey, at least as a love interest. I’m not getting baptized, therefore no sealing, so you will not ever be given to me in submission at the altar, nor let me lead the marriage for time and eternity in the afterlife, nor reunite with me and your family with our heavenly parents, and, as an exalted Heavenly Father myself after having created another planet, together with you and my other heavenly wives, we will not populate this new planet with spirit children. It all sounds so tantalizing, but no.

I also recount that Valentine’s Day letter I wrote. I said that I would not repeat what I did in the past to someone else and just disappear without a word. I should honor that so y’all are not left to wonder. So, Lindsey, we need to let this go. Dia can have her victory. She seems to already be celebrating. She knows she can drag this on and leave me waiting for her call for as long as she desires, because it has been made quite obvious that I’m enthralled by all this. Vulnerability at its finest. Enjoy it. I guess I have to just come along for the ride it seems.

But if one thing cartograstrology is good for, it is for helping me see things to come. Like a song I know.

With my white dress on I thought I was running to an angel anchored in the cold November wind

With my white dress on
But I won't be again
I won't be again

Perhaps the “only one” that remains behind is me? All by my lonesome. I’m still fine with that. I’m just glad that I will have a much better idea come the 17th, after which I can leave it all behind.

What a strange life I live.

[Edited at 8:50 pm]

The story so far…

I posted a new entry yesterday and hit publish, and then something strange happened. It didn’t show! It was saying that it was published in the control panel, but not showing up on the main page, so I took it as a sign from the heavens and set it to private. Turns out that I composed it too soon, before I had all the pieces put together. The universe intervened to keep that post hidden from the world so I could get the record straight. Go angels!

I think I got it now. Note to my readers: this post is a continuation of a story whose chapters are now hidden as private posts here on my blog. So if you are starting here, it might get a bit fuzzy.

Page 14 of David’s notebook from 1996 is the cryptic and prophetic play-by-play roadmap that we’ve been using to navigate this critical juncture. Thanks, David!

The Ra Material — not the blue-feathered kind!

“You’re fat enough in the mouth – you need to wash it down”

– Paragraph 1, sentence 2

Seems I was the one biting off more than I could chew. So I went back and “checked the map”. Remember: WASH IT [d]O[w]N, minus the [d-avid w-ilcock], spells WASH IT ON, or Washi[ng]ton. Here is a rundown of how that name is significant:

  • Washington Street in Tacoma,
  • Washington State, is the site of … well I can’t say it publicly. Go watch my video and figure it out
  • Washington Street in Boston, where it intersects with State Street you find the Old State House and the massacre site from the year 1770. You can also find Goodneighbor and recruit Hancock in post-apocalyptic 2287 in Fallout 4. Okay, that last part is significant to me, alright?
  • It is currently year 177 of the Baha’i calendar, among the many other significances pertaining to the numbers 7 and 17

If you take both sevens and flip one so they are symmetrical to one another, then put the 1 between them, you get a triangle like this:

7 1 and 7 makes a triangle with a vertical axis of symmetry

Got it? Good, keep this in mind and let’s move on…

Up against the wall – now you’re looking for it.

– Paragraph 1, sentence 3

Dia has been posting pics on her Instagram of her professionally leaning up against walls all over town, so you know that has got to be significant, or I’m not crazy as hell for seeing all this expletive. This, combined with a host of other signals and promptings, has forced us to take a good look.

It reminds me of when we would touch base before you went on a diet.

– Paragraph 1, final sentence

So I guess this has happened before? Note the word “diet”. It’s a marker for the next time it’s used.

Establish your horizons and ask yourself a question – do I like to sit in school?

– Second paragraph, first sentence. Filling in these citation blocks is fun

I did a treatment on an interpretation of this. As for the sitting in school part, this is my interpretation: when I first discovered the “constellation” of coordinates on the map of Tacoma in 2007, I connected them together like this:

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a miniature Tacoma! It’s…. a sailboat?

What I would not notice until just a year ago is that the line starting from the 1220 Woodlawn house intersects with the “home path” line at a perfect 90 degrees, right at the midpoint of this line segment. I called this the “six-point constellation”. I created this image two years ago, before I discovered the perfect geometry you get if you factor in a seventh point that sits atop an — you guessed it — elementary school.

I discovered the “seven-point constellation” while writing the script for my video in 2019.

So what about the question: do I like to sit in school? I guess there are many meanings here, but one thing is for sure is that it is suggesting a choice, hence…

You can pick an answer. If no, start to study.

– the sentences after the previous one in the second paragraph

Supposing that I had not yet found the seven-point constellation, I would have had to answer “no”. So how do you find the location of the seventh point? Start from the blue star, which is the location of where I started my life in Tacoma at age 5, draw a line to the house in which I first discovered and studied cartograstrology, and that line becomes the “home path”, because it is the path between my places of residence. The midpoint of that line segment is right atop the school.

There is no need for a planned sacrifice. Apples and oranges can be a pair, you know.

– first and second sentences, third paragraph. Are these citations getting tedious yet?

I have thought about this one a lot and have gone back and forth between different interpretations. There were moments when I felt like my heart was going to explode and I would be some kind of sacrifice of sorts, but I knew that couldn’t be it because, well, I survived. So I figure it means that Lindsey or Dia won’t have to be “sacrificed” one for the other in terms of some kind of choice on my behalf of who to love, like choosing between an apple or an orange, leaving the other’s heart to rot in misery and heartache. As if I’m that special. It, did, however, give me assurance that a resolution could be found in which nobody would have to suffer some kind of defeating loss. A happy end!

If that lands national… Homeopathic TV.

– okay, that’s enough citations for now

The magic of cartograstrology is how it can predict things that will happen by observing patterns. Here is prime example. Remember how we used the midpoint on the home path to draw a perpendicular line that intersected my place of work and the house on the card transaction copy? If we apply the same operation to the line segment formed between the points on Days Island and 2501 miles out to the Old State House, we can repeat the process to get this:

Look familiar?

Now we can use this north-south perpendicular line as a guide to define the remaining sides of a “717” triangle. Extend the home path line out until it meets that perpendicular line in Mexico, wiggle the tip of the upside down triangle a bit until it lines up with the massacre site. This line actually extends to the Shrine of the Bab in Haifa, Israel, but I shortened it to make the picture less “busy”.

717 or TV?
Wait…. ODIN?!

So what happens when you take the “home path” out of “homeopathic”? You get “OIC” remaining. And if we consider that three of the four elemental components are present, minus the “A”, we get….
O I C [A] TV.
Oh, I see a TV!
Bam! Prophetic David Wilcock is prophetic! But you don’t know how to decode it, which is why you’re always wrong, David. Too bad!

Next, if we examine the midpoint of this new, extended home path, it will be just south of where the path meets the Arizona-New Mexico border. If we place a line along the latitude going due west, it goes straight to Los Angeles County.

Here is where it gets interesting. Start a line on the big Ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier at Pacific Park, and extend that line along the Santa Monica Boulevard, and keep going until it meets the home path.

Hey Dia, would you believe me if I told you that I discovered your “home path” just hours before our little phone call?

Do you see it? What is all there? Not only does this line meet the home path at a right angle, but also, according to Dia’s wikipedia, she went to high school in both St. George and Las Vegas.

Now, if you had been paying close attention to my blog and following me on social media, there is a good chance you could have known exactly where I would go on my road trip before I did, using cartograstrology. In December of 2017, I spontaneously departed, not really having a destination in mind. I found myself drawn to sunny Phoenix, Arizona to hike and camp in the surrounding Tonto National Forest in warm, vitamin D-producing weather by way of stopping at Joshua Tree National park for one night.

If you were to move the point of the triangle near the border junction south a bit, so that its length matches the Santa Monica Line, this new line would pass through Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona, where Lindsey is from. Also, it would pass by the places where I actually stayed and camped in Joshua Tree and Phoenix area. I honestly did not notice this cartograstrology at the time, nor would I until long after David published his page from his notebook in September 2018. On my second road trip in September 2019, I likewise didn’t have a destination in mind after Salt Lake City, and then I found myself drawn to Zion National Park. I recognized that good feeling and found myself hiking Angel’s Landing, and of course, the Narrows, because the bridge in Tacoma, right? Then I looked back at what I felt compelled to do and found connections in my adventures to the words if that lands national.

Would you have predicted I’d go there if you were really intrigued by all this? And IF it happened as predicted, then what?
Reconcile. What a strange life I live.

What’s worse, is what else could my readers be predicting yet? It’s like I’m some kind of case study or something. It’s getting wild, but I’m not stoppin’ now!

The following weekend, we’re going to have a special function. (diet) Hop in for pizza.

– not the pedo kind of pizza, David. Learn.

This past weekend, Dia put together a fundraising function in which she offered one-on-one phone calls for those who make a modest donation. This is where we see the “diet” word show up again. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled on what she might come up with to give me an opportunity to get some facetime. This was it. Take my money!
Here is how I figured:

[Di]et [F]unc[t]i[on] = [Di]a [F]ramp[ton]
What remains from these letters? A ramp? By George, the map does look like a ramp! Another connection!

So the word “diet” appears twice, and the second connects to the first iteration with “touching bases”, as in receiving a communication before chatting with Dia, like what happened with the Santa Monica Line. And now I’m using that knowledge to write up this new post just a day later. I sometimes forget that something maybe will come of it, maybe some other time.

Crazy little dreams waiting for you

This part of page 14 gets me really excited. I think it’s already happening, though. Can’t be any crazier than this. However, what is to become of the needless sacrifice? How will I know that there is no interest left in one or both ladies if they are not communicating directly to me? On the call, Dia offered no acknowledgement that she knows about this when we talked, nor did I ask directly, so she has not technically lied to me. I’ve been careful about how I’ve played the game — I’m not going to beat down her door. She has to offer, so I won’t make demands. If she has her chance with me and doesn’t take it, I sure has heck can put two and two together and determine that it is her way of expressing disinterest.

In hindsight, I think justice and fairness was done. I met her face-to-face, then she called me, and I’ve met her halfway at every turn. I guess time will tell if she gives me a call, and that’s the only downside. It’s not a direct “no”, but rather a time-released answer.

The Upside: there’s always Lindsey, and we still have yet to meet….

And before I go, I forgot to mention this:

Terrain map of St. George with superimposed Washington State…. yeah, crazy.

COVID-19 positives

It’s all the world is hearing about right now; on the devices on social media and news, or at home by yourself or locked up with your families. Society changes abruptly now — and, because that change is so sudden and drastic, there are many who are going to indirectly suffer as we figure out how to organize society post-COVID. Food service workers on the floor may not have a floor for seating beyond the take-out waiting benches. Will my favorite performers continue to put tours together knowing another outbreak could send them home early?

This is another one of those scenarios that test our faith, and it’s going to get easy to get caught up in thoughts of annihilation and total chaos. I’m inspired to write this post because the novel coronavirus has caused my parents and I to come together to plan for the worst, and it’s actually been fun and enlightening. As crazy as this whole situation is with lockdown forcing people into social distancing and the isolation it brings, its effect on me (who seeks to isolate from time to time) has presented opportunities for my parents and I to take measures to protect ourselves and it’s been actually kinda fun.

My mom has been excitedly researching medicinal antiviral mushrooms, I’m spreading the good word on high-dose vitamin C, and we are discussing ways we can help others in case of a supply chain disruption, reminding ourselves that when society is gripped with calamity it usually is responded to by people’s higher selves shining through to help, and not necessarily for the zombie hordes to amass to capitalize on an opportunity to maraud a vulnerable neighborhood.

Two months ago, I thought my job as a DoorDasher was pretty pointless. I’m delivering fast food to people. Sometimes groceries, and that is purposeful because those customers can’t get the food they need on their own so that’s nice. Now my dad is telling me that I have a very useful job for society right now, plus I’m getting a lot more base pay per order because of demand.

So as it stands now– when everyone is isolating just like I was in November and December of last year– I’m over here working more. I’ve got the ideal job for someone who lives with older people since I can practice distancing.

So I guess society is changing permanently. Why not make an effort to make the best of it, because it looks like this may not be going away any time soon.

I can’t end this post without mentioning the conspiracy aspect of this. It’s inevitable that– now that people are spending more time at home and potentially finding themselves in the conspiracy corner of YouTube– that they may find themselves contemplating the what-ifs of the SARS-CoV-2 virus origins being engineered by China and somehow getting out of containment.

As somebody who looks at everything with an open mind including conspiracy stories, I find this calamitous scenario striking because of all the so-called insiders who claim prescience that I follow on social media, none of them saw or predicted this crazy lockdown happening (except for a crazy old woo-woo guy in nearby Olympia, Washington) due to a virus outbreak, complete with a mandated isolation that the masses actually comply with because of the knowledge of how dangerous the disease is. So the public is going along with staying inside while kicking and screaming, complying nonetheless, and it’s not because they’ve been told that a coordinated mass arresting of the Deep State cabal is underway by the valiant efforts of the Alliance. Nope, sorry, David, that isn’t the narrative. The lockdowns are here, but they are necessary for containment and stopping the spread and everybody knows this. If the mass arrests do happen during this lockdown, should this be the case, then this end was assisted by this unfortunate outbreak that the elites themselves probably would not have let loose because they’re old and vulnerable to the disease themselves. Any way you look at it, this is really a calamity that sprung up unforeseen and is showing just who really has prescience in the ufology/higher consciousness community.

See? A whole lot of a different kind of COVID-19 positives.

I do wonder when I’ll get to go to another show, as well as what my favorite artists are going to do for their livelihoods.

Letter in Response to David Wilcock’s Invitation

Dear David Wilcock,

I have received your email to your subscribers of DivineCosmos.com inviting me to sign up for your five week course on Ascension found at ascensionmysteryschool.com . Here is my open letter in response.

You are right, David, the Ascension Mystery School is not for everyone. In your email to me you state emphatically that your research about Ascension IS the truth, and ‘what you will say’ is that the it will ‘tear down the veil’ and accelerate my spiritual progress. I have listened to you explain the features of your course and am cognizant of the Ra materials, and have found them to be centered on the individual, appealing to his/her ambitions to traverse, or “sling-shot” across the Densities through an almost self-centered form of spiritual practice. You incentivize the process as something to jealously aspire to through diet and meditation and being nice to people.

If I seem critical then I apologize. As a dedicated seeker of truth, your invitation should appeal to me, but the fruits that your teachings are promising will not be seen until the event takes place. What if from wise counsel you can see the fruits of true spiritual progress in the present moment? And not just in ourselves but in others as well?

“The betterment of the world can be accomplished through pure and goodly deeds, through commendable and seemly conduct.”

I think you have the right intentions, but are missing the key to this so-called “Ascension”. You have all of the knowledge to be able to immediately recognize this Kalki avatar or reincarnation of Krishna, this fifth Buddha or “Maitreya”, this Frashokereti who has walked this earth a century and a half ago; you have independently ascertained that these religions are essentially the same and from a single source throughout the cycles. Yet you fix your feet firmly and stand staunchly in your Ra material, who claims is a humble messenger of the One Infinite Creator, and profess your “Mystery teachings” as the secret that has eluded mankind for true spiritual progress. I digress to say more on the subject.

I don’t know for sure if you have heard of Baha’u’llah, and I’m just assuming that you have heard the glad tidings because of your exhaustive research. If you do indeed have conscious knowledge of Him, His life and His teachings, and if He is who He says He is, then you will be held accountable for your own failure in achieving the ultimate truth of this age, which is what you are seeking after and what is the greatest fulfillment of our true purpose — recognizing the Manifestation of God for this age.

Being Baha’i is not easy, and not for everyone. I can relate to what you wrote similarly about the Ascension Mystery School. It takes courage to face your own veils, and while it can be dumbfounding when you yourself have to live those words that came streaming forth from your mouth, it’s all part of the journey. The battle of the self in the soul’s quest towards God. However, this is a path that is not to be walked alone. A path is something that is walked with others. The fruits of walking this path of service in the company of others are measurable in every community that endeavors to do some service for their fellow man (or woman), and these endeavors not only bring spiritual growth to the individual, but harmony to society as well in real time. Don’t have to wait for the event to do the work that we are blessed to undertake in the field of service.

Inversely, I would like to invite you to participate in exploring truth with other like-minded people, with the aid of a sequence of courses developed at the grass roots by people inspired by this great Teacher, refined through action and consultation, and see for yourself if it is conducive to facilitating this transformation RIGHT NOW, right where you are.

If you say yes, I’ll sign up to your Ascension Mystery School and we can compare.

Best regards,

Trip code change

We be trippin’.
Your turn, Chanter.

How’s your VACatION?
Do your eyes deceive you?
This ain’t no black magic.
Microcosm to macrocosm.
All the dots connect, baby.
I have the video.
Ya know what I mean?
What does your religion teach about UNITY?
It is what it is!

Cognitive dissonance or cognitive resonance?
You are a case study.

I love you ALL.

Enjoy the ride.