Post STAR WARS Day notes

Hey all! Hi Lana. Me here with another li’l gem of a blog post. I woke up this morning after having slept for over eight hours! This restful sleep is happening more often and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a good sign, I think; we are past the bumpy parts of my own personal Matrix journey that got really bumpy in 2021. I wasn’t planning on making a post like this, but hey – I love science fiction so I just couldn’t help myself.

The beautiful thing about the STAR WARS matrix is that anybody, even you, can potentially hear its voice calling you to look deeper and find its secrets without the need of somebody else prompting you. It works like magic. Then you see Tacoma. Then me. At least, that is how I fantasize about the process, plus I did find it in this manner and then myself. If I can find myself in this mirror, others can too, right? Is David here yet?

So, let’s go back a month to when I noticed how these patterns coalesce into a date of December 22, 2021 – STAR WARS Day. I tried to make something happen, but that was futile. Let go! Then David tweeted excitedly about the new Matrix: Resurrections film. Uh oh, I must have missed something. The Matrix!

Upon investigating, I have concluded that: there is no better an interpretation of David’s page 14 from his ’96 notebook than the ’99 film, and: there is a prophecy for its return before “the following weekend.” In coded terms this phrase has a set of numbers you can distill by analyzing its linguistic counterparts. This week is the conceivable concurrent weekend, next weekend is no less than six days away, and the following weekend is going to fall on how many days apart from the Monday of the first week? Day 20 and 21 respectively. Or 2021. If the first week fell on the day of the 22nd of December – STAR WARS Day, then now, as of this posting, would be the start of the third week following, leading to this weekend coming falling on day twenty and twenty-one. This coming Saturday and Sunday also happens to come after a period of snow accumulation that began on Christmas that has kept me inside ever since.

I know how my mind wants to paint a picture of events unfolding, but I really should digress this time. I will just resign myself to the fate of Neo after returning to his diet of red pills washed down with water before he heads to dine on that goop henceforth. This time, he can have some fruit with that.

Great, it all looks so good, you guys. We made this together, right? Even you, David! Rejoice!

So… we know to some extent what Lana prophesied in her art, and it seems that I am at that part where Neo awaits a choice from Trinity in order to learn his fate which, remember, is totally out of his hands. Lindsey is Trinity, right? Don’t tell me there is still confusion about who is going to step up as Trinity. Look, I understand and all that. I’m about to get unplugged or the other thing. I really have no idea, to be honest. If nothing, then, that’s great and I can go back to “game design”, which looks for me like being a roving DoorDasher car-camping vlogger with maybe a thousand or two subscribers who writes science fiction manuscripts in his free time. It’s looking alright! Lots of travel and hiking and outdoor dream-living! Albeit alone, but hey.

And I more than liked the tweet from Mark – I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but I loved the use of some of those words in it that reminded me of the special tablets in most Baha’i prayer books.

Trip code change

We be trippin’.
Your turn, Chanter.

How’s your VACatION?
Do your eyes deceive you?
This ain’t no black magic.
Microcosm to macrocosm.
All the dots connect, baby.
I have the video.
Ya know what I mean?
What does your religion teach about UNITY?
It is what it is!

Cognitive dissonance or cognitive resonance?
You are a case study.

I love you ALL.

Enjoy the ride.


Dragon Warrior Tribute Previs Analysis

It’s been three months since I (finally) shared my EPIC Dragon Warrior Tribute previsualization music video with the world via YouTube, and I’m humbled by the view count racking up since its release. Thank you! All ten of you! The reception, feedback, and praise I’ve received from you is a super confidence booster — so thanks, mom!

In all seriousness, it’s time to give you a glimpse of what went into the thinking behind this project. It’s a tribute video, after all, and all of its content is stolen from the game and put back together again in the form of a fan’s interpretation. What’s more, I wanted the viewer to recognize the things from the game and say “wow! It’s so true to the game!”

Did you play the game, then watch my tribute video, and carefully compare the two? I mean really scrutinize this video shot-for-shot to look at everything? Anybody? Probably not, because who cares to make time for that shit? So let me show you a few things you might have missed.

In the opening scene, our hero, the descendant of Erdrick, is walking along a jagged and colorful landscape. Did you notice the video’s landscape is to the scale of the original 8-bit source, but in three dimensions?

See it now? Let’s move on!

In this terribly pixelated shot of my video, we can see what looks like a familiar place in Alefgard, and though there aren’t any Green Dragons where our hero is walking, they can be found in the swamp just south of him.

I don’t know who “Domi” is, but thanks for making it so I didn’t have to play all the way through to get this graphic

I didn’t bother adding color to the model yet, because I didn’t get to it in time. I had a deadline, ya know! Plus, who the hell is actually watching this? Anyway, how about I do it now for ya in Microsoft Paint.

MS Paint 4 life!

I could keep going, but I’ll let you (not care) to discover the rest! I will say that I really only changed a few things from the original game in my tribute, such as the location of the swamp where you find Erdrick’s Token, our hero not wearing his helmet in the beginning (but that’s because I forgot!), no cape or helmet tassel, and green dragons don’t grow into red ones. You also can’t be disarmed in the game. That’s about it.  

How about I finish this post off with the best “easter egg” in my video yet:

Look at that – it is the same thing you see on the game’s box art! The scenes flowed so naturally that I bet you didn’t even notice I slipped that easter egg in there. Because you didn’t even watch my video, that’s why.

Am I right?

My Dragon Warrior tribute project

Way back in 2005, I was listening to a song and a flood of epic visuals came over me of a young Descendant of Erdrick aimlessly walking the lands of Alefgard, encountering a fierce dragon, being beaten, rising up from defeat with renewed determination and purpose, taking on numerous trials and tribulations that would give him strength and courage, leading him to the ultimate climax of facing the dragon one more time to emerge victorious, with the music setting the emotion and flow of the visuals. Though the song didn’t quite fit, I still couldn’t stop fantasizing about seeing this music video play out in front of my eyes. The time and skill involved in making it a finished project would prove to be too ambitious, but that didn’t stop me from at least creating a visualization of it to just see what my vision would actually look like on the computer screen. This is the result of a few months of painstaking work using computer animation software to create the 3D assets I would need to make this visualization.


This project officially began in July 2014 when a friend had offered to take me in as an “apprentice” in exchange for doing work for him and his family. He is a designer by trade and a skilled artist specializing in sculpting, but has extensive knowledge, facilities and equipment to do just about anything involving arts and crafts, digital as well as traditional. He provided me with the software (which cost almost a grand if I wanted my own license), as well as clay to sculpt by hand, which is how I got the reference source to make the 3D dragon.

My mentor gave me useful advice and direction on how to go about a production, as there are many ways one can waste time if one does not have experience with animated video production. So I started with a storyboard on paper and worked out what assets I would need.

Since this is a tribute project of the NES game Dragon Warrior, most of the assets could be obtained by using the game’s original art as a reference, so all I would need to do is create 3D versions of them.

Once the assets were made, I began work on the animation. One month later, this neat music video! And then I decided to never work with computer animation again and became a chef.

The end.